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Who Ordered a Fluffy Corgi In Oscar Movie Posters?


Bryan Reisberg is an up-and-coming NY filmmaker himself, so it’s no surprise that the idea to Photoshop his adorable corgi into some movie posters is gosh darn beautiful. That’s literally all you need to know to enjoy these pictures but in case you want more info, keep reading!



Using the natural adorableness of his faithful furry friend Maxine, Bryan discovered there more than one way to capture the heart of the regular movie fans.

If like me you want to see more pictures of this fluffy beast, by which I mean the corgi, you can find his Instagram account right here.



Also, if you look closely, you’ll discover that under each and every photo of Maxine there is a famous (or not so much) quote from great movies.

So, the next natural step would be putting Max into movies but there was a problem… Max is a dog. So instead, Bryan and his wife decided to find another way to plug that corgi butt – movie posters, duh!



Some of the Photoshopped movie posters are such smashing hits as “A Quiet Place“, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Black Panther“, and many more.

However, Bryan didn’t just put his doggo on those posters all willy-nilly, no, he created actual masterpieces!

Even with his colossal skill and talent, it took Bryan over 8 weeks to finish this project. But hey, it’s all worth it because the fake posters look so much better than the original ones!



Anyway, if you’re still not following Max on his Instagram, you go do that and probably expect to see more corgi posters in the near future.

Let us know which movie was your favorite!