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Legendary “Grumpy Cat” Died at the Age of 7


With the popularization of the Internet all over the world, memes have become a real phenomenon. Some of them make you sad, others are made to criticize everything and everyone, and then there are animal memes. Ever since the early 2000s, when the ICanHasCheezburger website was almost as popular as Google, the cat memes ruled the world.



You probably remember the Long Cat, the Ceiling Cat, of course, the Cheezburger Cat, and many-many others. Years have passed, memes came and went, but the internet still had much love for funny fluffy felines. One of such stars was Tardar Sauce, or as you all know her – Grumpy Cat.


Born with feline dwarfism and a face you can’t say no to, Grumpy Cat started conquering the hearts of everyone she came in contact with, be it a mere human, or a world-famous celebrity like Stan Lee or JLo .



She’s become somewhat of a celebrity herself in the past 7 years, which is why it’s so hard for us to see her go. According to the Instagram post, Grumpy died due to a urinary tract infection, but thanks to the meds she passed away peacefully without any pain, in the last embrace of Tabatha, her human mom.


Aside from being a tiny and respected family member, Grumpy Cat helped millions of people around the world to smile, even in the most difficult times. And for that we will be forever grateful to that sweet little kitty. Thousands of people on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have been posting their goodbyes for the past week, showing how much that funny scowl meant to them personally and how it helped them in a tough moment.








We at BrainBerries too say, rest in peace, Grumpy Kitty, you will be missed, but the memory of you will never die as long as the Internet lives!