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10 Pairs of Commonly Confused Animals



You have to be incredibly keen-eyed to be able to tell some animal species apart, because usually you’d just call it “dinner” and slap that thing on a plate. Potato, potahto, what’s the difference? But as it turns out these details can sometimes save your life, or at the very least make you look less ignorant. Not that any sane person would ever judge you for not knowing the difference between a llama and an alpaca, but it’s a nice nerdy conversation starter.


So if you’re ready to learn some mind-blowing facts about commonly confused animals, you’ve got the right address!



1. Shrimp vs Prawn
Most of the times you’ll be choosing between these two, it would probably be in a restaurant menu. But can you really tell them apart? Both are crustaceans and have 10 “legs” but prawns are bigger and have claws on 3 pairs of legs, unlike shrimps, who only have 2 pairs of claws.


2. Wasp vs Bee
Wasps are real a-holes who can sting you a lot, have slick bodies, and are very much useless. Bees are cute fuzzy pollen gatherers, who help mother nature, and make awesome honey! Do NOT mess with either of them!



3. Rabbit vs Hare
These two are very hard to distinguish, but it’s possible. Rabbits are somewhat smaller than hares, have shorter ears, and tend to hide in their holes. Hares, however, like to live dangerously, and try to outrun their attackers.


4. Moth vs Butterfly
This one’s super easy: look at their antennae! Moths have broad, feather-like antennae, while butterflies prefer a more slick look. Also, moth’s wings fold horizontally, unlike butterfly’s, which fold vertically.


5. Turtle vs Tortoise
Even kids know that turtles live mostly in water and have webbed feet, while tortoises prefer the hard soil and can sprint like their butts are on fire!


6. Crocodile vs Alligator
By looking at the form of the head you can easily tell these reptiles apart. Crocodile’s head is V-shaped, while alligator’s is U-shaped. If for some reason you can’t tell the difference, look at the teeth. If they spike out in all directions – you’re dealing with a crocodile. In any case, you better run.



7. Porpoise vs Dolphin
If you look closely at the fins, body, and head shape, you’ll be able to tell which one’s which. Porpoises have much smaller mouth, chunkier body, and a triangular dorsal fin, as opposed to the dolphin’s longer schnoz, slimmer body, and a curved dorsal fin.


8. Llama vs Alpaca
Features to pay attention to: ears, face, and overall size. Llamas are much bigger, have curved ears, and longer face. In the opposite corner we’ve got alpacas who are half the size, have much shorter, smushed face, and straight ears. Other than that alpacas’ faces are covered with fur, while llamas have little to none.


9. Frog vs Toad
If you’re looking at something with long legs, smooth skin, and huge eyes – it’s probably a frog. Toads are bulkier, have shorter legs, and look like they could use some Oriflame skin care products.



10. Opossum vs Possum
What the Americans call a “possum” is actually an opossum – beady eyes, hairless tail, really really bad temper. Actual possums are cute, have huge eyes and furry tales! Well, there’s also the fact that opossums live in N. America, and possums – in Australia. Other than some zoo, you’ll probably never see them in one spot.