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Top 9 Reasons Why People Travel


Travel is more accessible than ever these days. We no longer need to take a train or travel in a car for days to see a new country. You don’t have to spend weeks being seasick on a boat to cross the ocean. We can just get a cheap ticket for a low-cost airline and be in a completely different country in a matter of hours. So yeah, we travel because we can. But that’s not the only reason people travel. Here are the top 9 reasons why people travel.

To Escape

Escapism is one of the biggest reasons people travel. Sometimes you just want to get away from work, family, responsibilities, chores and problems of any sort and the best way to do it is to put some physical distance between yourself and the thing you want to escape from. So travelling to a different city or country is a great way to do that. Sometimes it’s not even about problems, your life could be going great, but you just need to escape it for a little bit so that when you come back you have a newfound appreciation for it.

To Celebrate

On the bright side, people also love travelling to celebrate something. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular every year, and lots of people travel for their birthday or anniversary these days too. It’s a great gift if you think about it. You could get normal and practical gifts for your birthday, something tangible, but there’s a chance that it will eventually break or get lost, but the memories you make on a birthday trip – those will last a lifetime.

To Relax

Another popular reason for travel is to relax. And if you don’t live in tropical heaven with good weather, sandy beaches and perfectly clear ocean water – you can always just book a trip to a place like that and go. Most people enjoy a relaxing trip once in a while, away from phones, emails and all sorts of work-related things. Just you, the sounds of the sea and a nice big Mojito.

To Have An Adventure

While some like chilling and relaxing at the beach, others prefer their trip to be an adventure. This is why people go camping and hiking, climbing mountains, bungee-jumping, surfing, skiing, etc. It’s the adrenaline that makes your blood sing and makes you feel alive. And let’s be honest, we all could stand a bit more adrenalin in our life.

To Get In Touch With Yourself

If you’ve never travelled by yourself – you should try it at least once in your life. It’s a great way to get in touch with yourself and learn more about yourself without the interference of your friends, family or partner. When you’re alone, in a new place, you get to be unapologetically you. You learn things about yourself you would never find out in the normal day to day circumstances.

To Strengthen A Bond

Travel is a very bonding experience. There’s a reason people are wary of travelling with someone they don’t know very well. All sorts of unexpected situations might arise and you never know how the other person will react. But when you go on a trip with someone it’s like a test of friendship, you will either emerge on the other end closer than ever before or will never speak to each other again.

To Learn

You can learn so much more by going to a new place for a couple of days than you ever will by reading about it in books or watching videos about it. Sure, you can learn about the country or a city, find out what’s the most popular sightseeing spots. But travelling will allow you to learn about the real essence of the place, the culture, the people.

To Expand Your Perspective

It’s easy to see the world as black and white when you’re surrounded by people who think the same way you do. But travelling allows you to see the world and look at life from a different perspective. The values you have can be vastly different from those of people across the globe and travelling will let you expand your perspective.

To Get Inspired

If you feel uninspired the best thing you can do for yourself is to travel. Go to a new place, see new things, meet people, try new foods. You will come back inspired, and full of fresh ideas and want to create new awesome things. If you work in a creative industry – this is a must, but even if you don’t, you never know what kind of epiphany or solution to a problem you might find in your travels.