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Top 7 Airports You Wish You’d Get Delayed In


What’s the worst thing that can happen to you on vacation? Okay, maybe not the worst, but it’s still pretty annoying – having your flight be delayed. Like, you’ve already been waiting in the airport for an hour or more and not they tell you it’s gonna be another 4 hours? That must be really frustrating, because there’s only so many things you can do in a regular airport to kill some time. Unless you’re getting delayed in one of the world’s greatest airports!

Here are top 7 airports you wish you’d get delayed in!

1. Munich Airport

First of all, it’s got to be one of the cleanest airports if not in the world, then in Europe definitely. So what do you do to kill time here? Let’s start with having a beer! There’s a beer garden and a brewery here that can accommodate 600 visitors. Not a latent alcoholic? How about hitting the (artificial) waves on your (real) surfboard? What, you’re too tired to do anything and just want to take a nap? Napcabs, brother! You go inside and you nap. Perfection! I’m not even mentioning the free Wifi, USB outlets, amazing InfoGates, and hundreds of stores.

2. Changi Airport, Singapore

First thing you’ll notice is that this airport looks like a giant doughnut. The second thing that’ll pop into your mind is that this doughnut is a luxurious mall, rather than an airport. You’ll have 280 shops to buy whatever you want, a multiscreen IMAX theater, a full-sized supermarket, and a place to sleep. In the center of this construction is the Rain Vortex — a 130 feet high indoor waterfall. Just don’t go fishing for pennies!

3. Hong Kong International Airport

If you’re okay with passing time shopping for some exotic presents, of stuffing your gut, you’ll be glad to hear that there are nearly 300 shops in HKIA, and 80 restaurants, and fast food joints. If you feel like catching a movie – there’s IMAX theater here! And if you’re stranded with kids, HKIA has a neat little area where the small ones can feel what it’s like to be a pilot, doctor, actor, firefighter or choose one of many other careers.

4. Seoul Incheon International Airport

The Seoul airport is a work of art. This giant curved terminal contains premium-class shopping mall, as well as hundreds of Korean-themed shops and dining joints. If you decide to fly out next morning and just get some sleep, you’ll be pleased to find out that there are showers, beds, and everything necessary for a good night’s rest here.

5. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

This isn’t your regular old-fashioned airport… It’s a goddamn jungle! Look at it! I don’t think I need to tell you more.

6. Wellington International Airport

Welcome to New Zealand! What you’re seeing here is not Peter Jackson’s marketing campaign, or at least I hope it’s not. Everyone knows that New Zealand is basically the Middle Earth from Tolkien’s books, so this huge Gollum and his precious Ring are a way to show the tourists that it’s okay to flaunt your hobbits! If you go inside, you’ll find many more areas stylized to look like they’re straight from the movies.

7. Qatar’s Hamad International Airport

At first glance HIA looks pretty unremarkable. At least until you’re inside. First thing you’ll see is a huge bronze statue of a teddy bear, that was brought here from New York by one of the Qatari royals. Everything here is top-class, from water closets to restaurants with VIP rooms for royalty and celebs. The bare necessities are also here: showers, spa, rooms for families, private cinema, game room with consoles, arcades, etc; and nursing facilities to help moms change diapers and heat up milk.

You can basically spend your entire vacation in any of these airports and still feel like a winner!