Top 10 Spring Holiday Destinations In US For 2020


The long and boring winter is over and spring is like a new beginning. If you live in a place that actually gets proper winter you know what it’s like to wake up and feel like it’s the first day of spring. The air gets fresher, the sun shines brighter and warmer, nature is waking up and you see first flowers and green leaves. It’s pretty magical, it can feel like stepping into a Disney movie. If that’s what you’re aiming for or perhaps you’re just looking for a great place for a spring break we think these are the places you should travel to for a spring holiday in the US.

1.Miami Beach, Florida

The weather is incredible, the place is beautiful, everyone’s in a good mood and down to have fun – what’s not to like about Miami Beach? There’s also a plethora of great restaurants with delicious food and the nightlife scene is just perfect for spring break.

2.Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is honestly one of the best if not THE best destination for a trip within the US. It’s warm, the nature is beautiful, the views are outstanding, the food is so delicious you might fall into a food coma, just FYI. Who doesn’t want to spend a week or so in a vacation paradise with a nightlife that’s popping?

3.South Padre Island, Texas

Some people will recognize this as a typical destination for spring break and think it’s cliche, but some people have never even been here before. It’s a small island but it’s the perfect scene for a classic spring break experience. Party all night and relax all day – sounds like a good deal to me.

4.San Francisco, California

It’s California so good weather is guaranteed, and it’s San Francisco, so you know it’s going to be hella cool. The nightlife in this city is out of this world, the cuisine is incredible, the sightseeing opportunities are endless and the community here is just the best. And those trams are so freaking charming you just have to hitch a ride.

5.New Orleans, Louisiana

This city is absolutely gorgeous when it comes to architecture and it’s so quaint you might never want to leave. The food here is phenomenal so if you’re a foodie you’ll be in heaven. And of course, there are lots to do if you want to party or even just have a night out listening to some truly good music.

6.New York, New York

I mean there’s really no bad time to visit New York. Even in the dead of winter, this city is full of things to see. But spring is a good time to visit New York if you want to avoid the cold winters that are common here. And it’s New York, do we even need to list the reasons why it’s a good destination? It’s a city that never sleeps, there’s culture, nightlife, food, sights, there’s always something going on here.

7.Portland, Oregon

Portland is kind of a foodie mecca. It’s known for amazing food. But there are other things to see here too. You can explore the city or you can go for a hike if you’re in the mood to feel at one with nature. And the weather should be warm enough here during spring to take a walk outside and feel refreshed but not cold.

8.Santa Catalina Island, California

This island is a great destination for those who want to have a chill time this spring. It’s very calm and relaxing. You can go boating if that’s what you’re into or you can try snorkelling or scuba diving if that’s more your cup of tea. Nature here is amazing so hiking or camping is an option for the outdoorsy types too.

9.Holland, Michigan

If you want to go to the Netherlands but don’t quite have the funds to travel to Europe – Holland, Michigan might be the next best thing. If you come here in late spring you’ll catch the flower festival and the Dutch tulip celebration. The city is gorgeous, there will be music and

street food, arts and crafts and generally a very chill and festive vibe.

10.The Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to spend some time with your own thoughts while enjoying a beautiful view – you can’t go wrong with The Grand Canyon. It truly is one of those things you have to see at least once in your life and the experience will definitely be unforgettable.