Amazing Hotels Where You Can Watch The Northern Lights


The northern lights, or aurora borealis as the academics would have you say, are one of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena to look at with your own eyes. The only downside to the northern lights is that camping out in a tent when it’s freezing and the temperature is barely above “don’t freeze to death in an hour” degrees Celsius isn’t too pleasant a prospect. Having a nice hotel where you can watch the northern lights might be a good idea.

Arctic Gourmet Cabin – Sweden

These cabins come with a private gourmet chef and sommelier, so you know what you’re getting yourself into financially. That said, if you have the cash to spare for a luxurious stay in Scandinavia while you lie down in a hot tub and watch the northern lights – this cabin will probably rub you the right way.

Aurora Borealis Lodge – Fairbanks, Alaska

If you want to watch the northern lights in the United States, this place would be the spot to do it. It’s getting amazing reviews on Tripadvisor too, so we all know this means that this place is the bomb! Right?

Northern Lights Resort And Spa – Whitehorse, Canada

Can’t decide between a spa or watching the northern lights? Well, Canada thinks you shouldn’t even have to choose in the first place! As the name pretty much implies, this hotel offers spa services as well as an amazing view of the northern lights. It’s probably pretty expensive, but there’s hardly a price you can put on being able to cherry-pick all the amazing things in life as you want them.

Hotel Arctic – Ilulissat, Greenland

Greenland isn’t known for many things, except for being that part of Denmark near the United States, but it’s easily one of the top places to watch the northern lights. I guess that’s why this hotel made it on this list. See, we’ve gone full circle here. Greenland is the best country to experience true arctic holidays, and this hotel is more than willing to help you every step of the way.

ION Adventure Hotel – Nesjavellir, Iceland

Nesjavellir sounds like one of the realms out of a Thor movie, but then again, it’s Iceland. Iceland is still pretty much the place to be if you want to watch the northern lights, and this hotel only proves it. It’s a 45 minute drive from Reykjavik (not a made up name, it’s their actual capitol) and it looks like you can have an amazing time there.

Hotel Kakslauttanen – Saariselka, Finland

Besides this being one of the most famous places to go to if you want to watch the northern lights, it also has amazing activities that’ll make you feel right at home in the north. Want to go sledding with dogs or go on a reindeer safari? Whatever you want, they’ve got it.