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Best Movies On Netflix To Watch On Quarantine

It seems a bit strange to talk about movies and complain about being bored when self-isolating during a worldwide pandemic, but that’s the reality we live in. Healthcare systems are crumbling under the pressure of thousands of sick people and a new unknown virus and we’re told that the only way to stop this and essentially save the world is to stay at home. This in itself sounds like a plot for a movie. But hey, we can’t keep thinking about this 24/7, we need a distraction.

True or False: Fact-Checking 10 Moments From The Irishman

When making a movie based on real life events, the studio often uses some poetic license to make the narrative more compelling. This often includes leaving out key people, cramming several events into a shorter time frame in order to keep the story moving, or flat out making things up for the sake of making the movie more dramatic.