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You Can Now Fight For Your Own Iron Throne Thanks To The GoT Marketing Team


Well, not literally fight, but the last season of Game of Thrones surely isn’t going down without at least a few huge marketing surprises. The last marketing stunt they’re doing before the season launches on April 14th is probably a very big one: they’re placing six Iron Thrones all around the world and you can actually sit on them yourselves.






The catch is that the locations are unknown and you have to find them according to a picture of the location they’re currently sitting in.




Currently thrones have been found in Brazil, Spain, the UK and Sweden. How cool is that?





I’m assuming the GoT marketing team doesn’t really condone people going full Red Wedding on each other to sit on the throne, so it’s probably best to take seats in turns instead of bringing your swords and shields and duking it out medieval style.


Considering how long Cersei had to fight and the losses she had to endure to finally sit on the Iron Throne, the fact that all you have to do for it is find where it’s at seems like a nice gesture. Don’t ruin it for other people.




The thrones haven’t all been found yet, however: there’s currently an ice throne still to be located and the last one will be revealed once that one has been found. It would only be fitting if we could somehow manage to find all of them before the last season starts, so get out there and find those last two thrones!