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Will Zendaya Be Joining Season 3 of HBO’s Euphoria?

The second season of one of the most polarizing HBO shows — Euphoria, finally came out on January 10, 2022. The fans have been waiting for the continuation of the new-age remake of the Israeli series of the same name about drug-addicted teenagers since 2019. So, actually not that long, but it counts. Since then, Zendaya, who starred in the US version, has added several box office films to her portfolio and established herself as a worldwide style icon. Just recently, we saw her portraying MJ in the newest Spider-Man movie, and before that, Zendaya played Shani in Dune.

Despite her other, more profitable projects, the Drake-produced HBO series remains the pinnacle of Zendaya’s portfolio. It is a story of a young girl named Rue Bennett, who returns to school after a tough time in rehab, where she ended up due to drug problems. Rue quickly falls off the wagon again until she meets Jules, a transgender girl with an equally difficult fate.

In many ways, this story echoes the biography of the scriptwriter and director of the show, Sam Levinson, who struggled with drug addiction as a teenager and gave the actress a lot of insider information. According to him, despite the lack of personal experience, Zendaya quickly got into the role and felt all the pain that Rue was experiencing. Euphoria is not your usual teen drama TV show from the likes of ABC or CW. It’s a real drama, and thanks to this series, Zendaya has become the face of generation Z. Her character represents a collective image of the modern American youth plagued by bad choices and even worse circumstances.

Almost immediately after the release of Euphoria’s season one in 2019, it became clear that there would definitely be a second season. The pandemic, of course, made its own adjustments and slowed down the filming process but did not stop this rolling stone. So after watching season two, the fans were a little bit on edge, not knowing if they’ll see the continuation or not, but thankfully, the official Twitter page confirmed that season three is on the docket, and Zendaya is 100% in even after being injured on the set!

Are you excited to season 3 yet?