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What Happened To The Cast Of Temptation Island


Temptation Island is a US reality TV show that originally aired back in 2001 and reappeared in 2019. The show is based on the original dutch show translated as Blind Faith. Temptation Island is about many couples who agree to live with single people of the opposite sex, and try to fight the temptation and maintain their relationships. As the latest season finished back in 2019, Temptation Island fans want to know what the latest developments are with the cast. The best and worst with these couples is just waiting for you to find out more. Here’s what really happened with the cast of Temptation Island. Read on to learn the latest on the most amazing roller coaster ride that is Temptation Island. 

The couple of Evan and Kaci broke up on season one. And Evan was engaged to Morgan Lolar. They entered into the temptation of the show with a lot of confidence that they would be able to withstand the urges. They are high school sweethearts that had never dated anyone else. One of the temptations that he met was Morgan Lolar. He tried to resist her in the beginning, but ultimately did succumb to his feelings for Morgan. He described them as something he never felt before, and ended up breaking things off with Kaci and got engaged to Morgan. So did he stay with Morgan? Unfortunately, Morgan and Evan did not end up staying together. She announced back in April 2020 that  it did not work out. She told US Weekly that she was supporting Evan financially and that he also cheated on her. Interestingly enough, Morgan connected with Kaci and they formed a bond over how they had mutually similar stories about Evan. In the world of Temptation Island, the love triangle is a major drama and Evan seems to be on a downward spiral as far as his reality TV career, according to online sources. 

Another couple who did not stay together are John Thurmond and Kady Krambeer. They had been together for a few years but did not end up making it off the island without giving in to temptation. They already had their doubts, especially Kady. After the final bonfire, they did not leave the island together and apparently have not spoken since the split. 

As with many couples on Temptation Island, Kate Griffith and David Benavidez also did not make it off the island. They had dated for a while before the show, but David never gave the vibe that he was super committed to Kate. David really took the cake and actually gave in to more than one temptation. He tried to go after three different singles, and as such, did not end up staying with Kate in the end. Since then, Kate has found another guy in her life. 

Casey Starchak and Ashley Howland are another couple on Temptation Island, but many thought that the two might actually have a winning shot. Casey made a big to-do by proposing to her at the bonfire season finale, but Ashley rejected him. After the show, they ended up breaking it off and actually left the show with one of the tempting singles. 

Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur started out with a lot of issues regarding their trust for one another, but actually ended up improving their relationship as the show went on. They decided to work things out at the finale, but the love connection did not last long. The two have split up since the end of the show. 

The last couple on our list to break things off with each other as a result of the show is Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira. The two had dated for a few years prior to coming on to Temptation Island. Esonica ended up finding a single temptation that she could not resist, and left Gavin for them. The two did not last long though, and Esonica is now single again.