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What Are Babies From Friends Up To Today?


Every Friends fan remembers the adorable child actors from the show. Little Ben Gellar, Phoebe’s triplets, baby Emma, and many others have been living their best life after getting worldwide recognition. But what exactly are they up to these days? Though most of them are no longer in the limelight, we’ll always cherish the memories they brought to our favorite show!

1. Cole Sprouse

Before we had the triplets or Emma, there was only Ross’ son Ben. What’s curious is that Ben was played by multiple actors on the show. Four, to be exact. Toddler Ben was played by Michael Gunderson, and later the Allen twins, but the most famous one was the kid version – Cole Sprouse (who also had a twin brother). After a great start, Cole’s acting career flew sky-high, and he starred in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, as well as Riverdale.

2. Emma Geller Green

Just like Ben, Emma was also played by several baby actresses. First, there were the Davidson twins, Elizabeth and Genevieve, then Alexandra and Athina Conley got their chance to shine. And at the very end, it was Cali and Noelle Sheldon’s turn. The girls pursued their acting careers and even got a role om Us. Believe it or not, they’re both 20 now!

3. Phoebe’s triplets

The amount of funny gags and awkward conversations Phoebe’s pregnancy has brought to the show is truly staggering. Not only did she carry her brother’s babies, but they were also triplets – Leslie, Frank Jr. Jr., and Chandler. In season six, the showrunners had officially cast these toddlers when the gang decided to try their hand at babysitting. A few years later, in season ten, a new set of actors was chosen: Dante Pastula as Frank, Sierra Marcoux as Chandler, and Allisyn Ashley Arm as Leslie. At least two of them have continued their Hollywood grinds, as Dante appeared in The Polar Express and Allisyn starred in Sonny with a Chance, among other Disney Channel shows.

4. Jack and Erica Bing

Everyone deserves their piece of happiness, including the most unlikely couple out of all the Friends – Monica and Chandler. All they ever wanted was a kid, so guess what happened when they found out they were having twins? Sadly, the tiny actors were not properly credited, so we have no clue as to who or where they may be today, but at least we can hope they had an amazing 17-18th birthday!

5. Dakota Fanning

Remember the girl in the last season whose parents were selling the house to Monica and Chandler? Well, that’s the famous Dakota Fanning as Mackenzie! Her and Joe’s interactions were pure comedy gold. Naturally, we all know Fanning has since appeared side by side with Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds and more recently in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

6. Emily Osment

Even though Emily appeared for just a quick moment, her trick-or-treatin’ character Lelani Mayolanofavich was etched into our brains forever. Emily’s acting career took a turn for the better after that, as she went on to star in the Spy Kids movies and became Miley Cyrus’ BBF on Hannah Montana.

7. Daryl Sabara

Before appearing as the kid who accidentally discovered he was adopted, Daryl Sabara was already a semi-big name in the industry. After all, not every child actor gets to star in Spy Kids. And nowadays, he’s more known for being Meghan Trainor’s husband, which is kind of sad.

8. Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman, who appeared in season three of Friends as Sarah, the Brown Bird with a broken leg, went on to achieve great success in shows like Arrested Development and Good Girls. These days she prefers lending her voice to animated characters rather than appearing on the screen.