TV Characters That Disappeared For No Reason


The obvious downside of having a tv show that’s wildly successful is that you can no longer randomly leave out characters. Your audience has gotten attached to the characters in the show and whenever one of them leaves, they demand a proper explanation. Sadly, there’s not always time to give everyone the answers they want.

Let’s take a look at some well-known tv characters that disappeared without a trace. Spooky!



Ben Geller – Friends
We all saw Ben get born and we all saw Ben grow up. Well, we saw him grow up for a little while. The last couple of seasons, it was almost like Ross’ son didn’t exist.



Mr. Turner – Boy Meets World
Somehow, this guy disappeared without a trace in the show (I guess they didn’t need that many teachers), only to magically reappear in the spinoff Girl Meets World many years later. Oh, Hollywood!

Caitlin – Heroes
I guess helping the main hero when he has amnesia only guarantees your job for exactly as long as the protagonist’s memory gives out. Memories in, Caitlin out!

Jackie Ames – Fresh Prince of Bel Air
You’d think that a character that’s a childhood friend of the main character and that’s played by Tyra Banks would get a proper ending to her storyline, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong though. One day, Jackie just isn’t there anymore. I guess it happens.

Judy Winslow – Family Matters
If your show is called “Family Matters” and you’re part of the family, why the heck aren’t you in the entire series?

Behrooz Araz – 24
Despite his parents being terrorists and obviously not making it until the end of the series, there was no reason for Behrooz to be absent once his parents were out of the picture.

Dr. Grace Miller – Scrubs
I mean, this show had quite a bit of cast swaps, but at least it usually made sense with most of the characters being interns and all. Why this character vanished, I honestly couldn’t say.