Top 9 Absolutely Ho-Ho-Horrifying Christmas Movies


Are you looking forward to the winter holidays but don’t want to watch endless Christmas comedies and New Year love stories? We have something special for you.

There are times when Christmas takes the worst possible turn, and the heads do roll. Quite literally.

Here are the top 9 absolutely horrifying X-mas movies!

1. The Gingerdead Man, 2005

Not the highest-quality horror movie out there, but the dark comedy spin does work here! It’s about how the soul of a dead serial killer gets trapped in … a cookie. And so the gingerbread man begins to terrorize the city, but he calls himself the Gingerdead Man, of course.

2. Krampus, 2015

Adam Scott, Tony Collett, and Allison Tolman in a movie about a boy accidentally provoking the demonic spirit of Krampus. The monster comes to those who misbehaved and ruins their Christmas.

3. Sint, 2010

There’s a dark Dutch myth about Sintaklaas actually being evil and hunting children instead of giving them presents. If that premise speaks to you, you need to watch this one!

4. Santa’s Slay, 2005

It’s not scary or bloody, but it’s a great dark comedy about the demon Santo. It turns out that the old Santa loved by children is not really all that kind and generous. Thousands of years ago, he lost a bet and had to deliver gifts to children every year. But finally, the debt has been paid off.

5. Jack Frost, 1997

Ah, a classic horror movie and not at all a family comedy with the same title. A serial killer is being transferred to prison and an accident happens along the way – a van collides with a government car that carries secret experimental chemicals. As a result, a living blood-thirsty snowman appears in the city.

6. P2, 2006

This is the story of a young woman, Angela Bridges, who stayed late at the office of Christmas and got stuck. Hey, at least she wasn’t alone! A killer maniac also decided to clock out late.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993

Okay, this animated movie may not seem scary, but go ahead and show it to a 6-year-old. The protagonist, Jack Skellington, falls in love with the Christmas holiday and decides to become a part of it by kidnapping the real Santa Claus.

8. Rare Exports, 2010

An unusual Scandinavian story that will explain to you how Santa can be in several places at the same time. If you’ve been a good boy or girl this year, then enjoy watching! Just take the children away from the screens just in case.

9. Gremlins, 1984

Last but not least, we got a good old classic film about the young man Billy, who got a very special friend for Christmas. His dad gave him a sweet and affectionate creature called Mogwai. No one suspected what this baby was capable of if you fed it after midnight or wet its fur.