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Top 8 Katrina Bowden’s Hottest Roles


Katrina Bowden is an incredible American actress who got her big break playing Cerie Xerox in 30 Rock, where she played the clueless but very attractive assistant. Bowden started her acting career when she was just a kid, doing commercials and modeling gigs. Kartina’s first movie was the 2008 comedy Sex Drive and went on to star in other spicy flicks like Piranha 3DD and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, where she fully uncovered her acting potential and sex appeal.

And so here’s a list of Katrina Bowden’s hottest roles for you to enjoy.

1. Sex Drive

When a sultry actress plays a character named Ms. Tasty, you know you’re in for a fun time. Naturally, she’s up to no good and uses her skills to catfish some poor schmuck to cross the continent and get scammed by her actual boyfriend.

2. 30 Rock

Gotta mention the source of her power – 30 Rock. In this hilarious show, Bowden plays a very attractive girl who also plays an attractive girl. She’s got the barely appropriate office outfits, the hot glances, and most importantly, a very sexy brain to use all her assets for her own benefit.

3. The Great White

Nothing pairs as well as the ocean, bloodthirsty sharks, and hot Katrina Bowden. A couple flies in for some fun time on an island but soon they discover a half-eaten body of some poor guy. Things happen and they get stuck in the middle of the ocean with a hungry shark circling below them.

4. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale is one of the craziest and most underrated dark comedies of all time, or at least the top 5. It’s just two rednecks trying to live their lives, but everything they do makes them look like serial killers. The two oafs save Katrina’s character and one of them falls in love with her. How could he not, with that perfect midriff?

5. Piranha 3DD

If it wasn’t obvious, the “DD” in Piranha 3DD does not stand for “dimensional dimensional.” This continuation of the Piranha 3d story is unnecessarily sexy for a horror flick. There are lots of wet clothes everywhere, and even the kills are made to look as hot as possible, including Bowden’s character.

6. Senior Moment

Christopher Lloyd and William Shatner play two old friends who enjoy fast traveling across the US in their cool convertible. Here Katrina Bowden plays a free-spirited barista at a local coffee shop who brings a spark of excitement into Victor’s life. It’s not creepy like you may think it is, but she does have a steamy photoshoot with the convertible wearing a skimpy bikini.

7. American Reunion

Speaking of bikinis, in American Reunion, Bowden almost exclusively wears bikinis, short shorts, or hot sundresses. That’s the only redeeming quality of this movie, but at least this beautiful actress will quench your thirst temporarily.

8. Nurse 3D

And finally, there’s the iconic thriller about a messed up nurse who’s going around killing unfaithful men, and, at some point, she becomes obsessed with her co-worker, played by the lovely Katrina Bowden. There are dozens of hyper-violent and hard-to-watch scenes of the psycho dispatching her victims, but among that chaos, there’s a clear homoerotic subtext between the two nurses, and we’re all for it.