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Top 8 Freakiest Horror Movies Set During Christmas


Wanna get scared this Christmas? We got just the right stuff for you! Hear me out… Christmas. Horror. Movies. I know, it’s insane! Sadly, there aren’t too many of those worth watching, but I got you covered.


Here are 8 freakiest horror movies set during Christmas.



1. Holidays (2015)
Technically, this is a part of an anthology all about dark twists on the holidays we celebrate, one of which is, you guessed it, Christmas. To be fair this segment reminds me more of a Black Mirror episode. It’s all about human cruelty and greed.



2. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
We’re all used to Santa Claus looking like a chunky old dude with a big fluffy beard and a smile from ear to ear. But in this movie Santa, if it even is him, is the exact opposite. Well, except for the “beard” part.

3. Krampus
Children in fairy tales have a tendency to disappear around the Christmas time. And this movie basically tells you who’s responsible – Krampus. Believe me you do not want to get on his list.

4. Gremlins
Take good care of Gizmo and don’t feed him after midnight! Otherwise you’ll have gremlin infestation in your town. Part horror, part comedy – Gremlins is a classic Christmas movie everyone should watch!



5. A Christmas Horror Story
More Krampus for you! This time it’s a face-off between Santa, his elves, and a horned demon! Oh, and it’s also William Shatner’s movie, so you know it’s either horrible or awesome.

6. Jack Frost
First, let’s disambiguate: this is not the Michael Keaton family-friendly movie, this is the movie where the snowman’s nose is a shiv. If that premise doesn’t scare you off, go for it!

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Not really a horror, but still a freaky-looking stop-motion masterpiece from Tim Burton. It’s also technically about Halloween, but there is a great Christmas section! You’ve heard the songs, you know the plot, so I’m not going to waste your time. Let’s just go watch it once more!

8. Black Christmas (1974)
Are you a fan of slasher flicks like Scream? Well, this one’s back from 1974, and it’s bloody beautiful. Sorority house full of girls, mysterious phone calls, bodies popping up here and there… It’s an instant classic!