The Top 6 Best Modern Stand Up Comedians


Sometimes it feels like the world is crumbling around you, people are getting more and more uptight and easily offended, but all you want to do is have some fun and laugh your ass off. With all the crap going on in the world, we desperately need those few moments of joy once in a while. That’s where “insert your favorite thing” comes into play. It can literally be anything from making Claymation to reading books to binging stand-up comedians on the Internet. As you may’ve gathered from the title, I’m here to talk about the latter.


Without further ado, let me show you some of the funniest people currently alive: these are top 6 best modern stand-up comedians out there!



Jerry Seinfeld
Before you point fingers at him and start making all the lame bee puns, let’s just take a step back for a second. Sure, he did create the most meme-able movie ever, and if you’re okay with bad puns, it’s actually not that terrible, but first and foremost Jerry is a stand-up genius! Well, at least he used to be in the 90. But guess what… he’s back to doing stand-up! Just go watch his special on Netflix and tell me none of his jokes crack you up just a little. Because sometimes that’s all you need – just a tiny crack in the “uptight armor” – to make your day. He’s truly a master of observational comedy, and his “what’s the deal with” bits have caused countless snorts and giggles.

Bo Burnham
Bo’s just your regular old American comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, actor… and poet. This guy’s like the Jack of all artists! He got famous on YouTube when his music videos went viral. People just wanted more of Bo Burnham, and thankfully he delivered. In his shows he combines his snarky bits with music, which makes for a hell of a show. But it’s always better to see something once, than to constantly hear about it. Enjoy!

Ali Wong
When Netflix says you’re funny, you take it and you milk it! Just like Ali Wong did with her amazing routine “Cobra”. Female stand-up comedians are rare and far between, but when a 7-months pregnant woman is ranting about “trapping” her husband, you listen and you enjoy! In fact, Wong is a real veteran with more than 10 years of stand-up experience and TV writing credits like “Fresh Off the Boat” under her belt. In short, she’s hilarious!

Aziz Ansari
Aziz is one of those rare comedians that almost anyone can relate to, which makes his routines even more enjoyable. He usually focuses on the simple pleasures of pop culture, relationships, and, you know, being an Indian-American. Oh, and since he’s one of the best parts of “Parks and Rec”, you should binge that as well. I’m free to plug anything I want here, as long as it’s relevant.

Dave Chappelle
It feels like Dave Chapelle was born for stand-up. After a couple of solid early specials, and traveling to Africa, he has finally put himself right back on top with the likes of Louis C.K. and Kevin Heart. As a black man, he never shies away from a good old race talk, but aside from that he’s made some keen observations about celebrities and politics as well. In short, just watch his shows!

Louis C.K.
And, finally, we have the king himself – Louis C.K. He’s a middle-aged balding dad, who’s been doing this stand-up thing for decades, without showing any signs of stopping. After one of his bits about his four-year-old being an a-hole and the legendary “saddest handjob in America”, Louis C.K. was reborn with a vengeance.