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Top 10 Most Expensive Actors in Bollywood


You’d think that unlike their Hollywood colleagues, the Bollywood actors are pretty cheap, right? That’s what I thought as well, but boy was I wrong. These days the Bollywood actors can be quite expensive, and there are people ready to dish out hefty amounts of money just to get a star to appear in a film.
If you’re a big fan of Bollywood movies, you will most likely know the names of these actors, but now you’ll also discover how much they’re getting paid.
Now, let’s jump right into the top 10 highest paid Bollywood actors. Enjoy!



10. Ranveer Singh
It’s only fair to say that Ranveer is one of the best actors of our generation. He’s got the looks and immense talent, and people generally love seeing him on screen. This success helped him stand on his own, and start earning 12-15 Crore per film (A Crore is 10 million of something; in this case we’re talking Indian Rupees). Not too shabby!



9. Saif Ali Khan
Believe it or not, he’s an actual prince from the Pataudi family. Saif Ali Khan earns somewhere about 15 Crore, which isn’t all that bad, as most of his movies end up as an average success. He doesn’t care, though, he’s got his share even before the films are released.

8. Amitabh Bachchan
One of the biggest names in Bollywood still has what it takes to rock the big screen with his stunning acting abilities. Despite his age, he still appears in multiple movies and doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop any time soon. Amitabh Bacchan gets paid 18-20 Crores for every movie, which is about 4.5 million US dollars.

7. Ajay Devgan
Number 7 on the list is none other than Ajay Devgan himself, earning up to 25 Crores per movie. He’s getting older, but definitely not old enough to quit the biz.



6. Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor is supposed to be the next big thing in Bollywood, and his earnings confirm that theory. He takes about 25-27 Crores for each movie that he stars in.

5. Hrithik Roshan
This Indian actor earns 30 Crores for every role, which is ridiculous, but then again, look at this guy – he’d totally make for a great secret agent. He even performs his own stuns sometimes! There’s also a chance for him to climb to the second spot on this list if the recent movie of Ashutosh Gowariker report is true, where he’d get paid 50 corers.

4. Shahrukh Khan
The famous King Khan SRK is one of the most iconic Bollywood actors ever. He earns about 40 Crores no matter what the movie is about.



3. Akshay Kumar
It took Akshay Kumar quite a while to get to where he is today, but it was all worth it, as currently he gets about 40-45 Crore per film. Fun fact: last year Akshay paid the highest tax in the film industry just because he could. Pay your taxes, people.

2. Aamir Khan
Meet Mr. Perfectionist, who puts his entire soul into his acting, which makes every movie he’s in a masterpiece! This doesn’t come cheap though, as Aamir charges 45 Crore per film.



1. Salman Khan
Salman Khan, the #1 most expensive actor in Bollywood, earns 55 Crores per movie, but it’s all worth it in the end, because if Salman is on screen, then people will most definitely come to watch him. So far this trick worked every single time!