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Top 10 Best Movies in the Fantasy Genre



If you are a fan of fascinating stories with fantastic elements, then you know a fantasy world when you see one. It’s a place where everything is possible: dragons, magic, time travels, mythical creatures and spells, fictional countries and races, extraordinary abilities… What’s not to love? And if you want to watch an exciting movie about all that stuff mentioned above, then we suggest plunging into the world of fantasy movies!



1. Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 2009
The world of fabulous beauty and unusual phenomena, where Dr. Parnassus stages his fantastic performances traveling around the world, in which it is possible to go through the magic mirror and find yourself in a completely different reality. Trippy!


2. Dorian Gray, 2009
An adaptation of the world-famous book by Oscar Wilde about the price of the eternal youth and what may come out of it. If you haven’t read the book, you’re gonna love this movie and all its twists.



3. Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003-2017
The famous Captain Jack Sparrow and his loyal pirate crew appear on the silver screens time and time again, getting stuck into all sorts of wacky situations, fascinating adventures, breaking horrible curses, and getting unfathomable treasures. While this franchise is fun and all, I wouldn’t recommend watching the last 2 movies more than once.


4. Alice in Wonderland, 2010
A fairy tale in the style of fantasy from the master of creating films with wild decorations and bizarre characters – Tim Burton? Sign me up! Add one of the highest paid Hollywood actors, Johnny Depp, and the classic story of a girl named Alice, who fell into another world, with talking rabbits, caterpillars, and ghosting cat faces. But of course, there’s a twist at the end.

5. The Chronicles of Narnia, 2005
Like many children, you probably also thought that there was a whole new world on the other side of the closet. And what if there really is one? A magical story with an evil queen, a talking lion, and many other fantastical creatures will grant you at least 2 hours of pure pleasure!


6. Harry Potter, 2001-2011
The most profitable film franchise in the world is about the young wizard Harry Potter and his adventures in the school of magic and sorcery Hogwarts. You know it’s great, so let’s just hope JK Rowling won’t drop any more of her “truth bombs” on Twitter and ruin her own creation.



7. Jumanji, 1995
Do you like to play board games? And how about fantastic board games, where reality is indistinguishable from fiction and where you have to fight for your life until the very end? You’d never catch me playing that, but I’ll sure watch a movie with that premise.

8. Brothers Grimm, 2005
Everyone loved the Grimm Brothers’ tales as a child. If you wanted to learn more about the dark side of the writers, about how they fought evil monsters, driving them out of small villages, “Brothers Grimm” is a movie for you. Folklore myths and legends, fairy tales, magic creatures, as well as the incredibly talented Monica Bellucci, Heath Ledger, and Matt Damon are all in this flick!


9. Van Helsing, 2004
Many people associate Transylvania with evil spirits, and rightfully so. It was the Transylvanian myths that gave us the story of Van Helsing, a hunter of evil spirits, who travels the land to put an end to the most horrific creatures ever seen.



10. The Lord of the Rings 2001-2003
Probably one of the most exciting movie trilogies in the world, based on the eponymous novels of J.R.R. Tolkien and today has a multimillion army of hardcore fans. The stunning fictional world of elves, gnomes, evil and good wizards, and hobbits is equally fascinating for both adults and children.