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These Celebrities Have YouTube Channels You Should Be Subscribing To


Ah yes, YouTube. I remember back when this was an exclusive medium, only used by the cool kids. Only that we called them nerds back then. It was a different time. These days, pretty much everyone has a YouTube channel. Celebrities included.


If you’ve ever wondered what celebrities do in between their awesome moments of being a celebrity, YouTube is the place to go. A lot of celebrities own their own channel where they offer some unique insights into their life, or just have fun. You know, like us normal folks. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.



Snoop Dogg
Yes, he has a YouTube channel. Yes, it’s hilarious. No, it’s probably not safe for your kids. It’s called “westfesttv”, go check it out. And use whatever substance you deem necessary to get on Snoop’s level – just use it responsibly. Which would probably mean you wouldn’t make it all the way to Snoop’s level.

Adam Savage
Probably the most memorable face from MythBusters, Adam keeps on doing mad science on his YouTube channel “Tested”.

Ryan Reynolds
Everything this guy does is amazing, so why would his YouTube channel be any different? Well, it’s usually just Deadpool stuff, so there’s that.

Dwayne Johnson
Come on, this guy is pretty much the king of social media. I’m not sure if he has more muscles or general enthusiasm, but he’s awesome either way.

Maisie Williams
In case you’d miss Arya too much in between Game of Thrones seasons. She doesn’t assassinate people on her YouTube channel. I felt like I should mention that. It’s really just Maisie being a regular girl. Yes, she can do that too.

Russel Brand
Russel does a podcast of sorts where he talks about the world and all sorts of things ranging from Renee Zellweger’s face to the Israel-Palestine conflict. I’m not sure any person alive is properly qualified to give a coherent dissertation on both of those subjects, but apparently Russel is.