The Most Disappointing “Best Actress” Oscar Wins


The Oscars are usually seen as the highlight of an actor’s career, but sadly not even the Academy – which hands out the Oscars – always has the right idea about what makes a good performance. Let’s take a look at some of the “Best Actress” Oscar wins we’ve had over the years that really didn’t deserve to make it. Seriously, some of these are quite horrible.



Julia Roberts – Erin Brockovich
I know, it’s based on a true story and that always does well at the Oscars. But did anyone actually watch this move and enjoy it? I doubt even Julia Roberts enjoyed it.



Jennifer Connelly – A Beautiful Mind
It’s a great movie and Russell Crowe absolutely nails it, but Jennifer’s performance was hardly the best thing a woman did in the entire year of 2001.

Renée Zellweger – Cold Mountain
It’s honestly not her best movie, nor is it her best performance. I can see her winning an Oscar for Bridget Jones, sure. Not for this.

Judi Dench – Shakespeare in Love
I mean, Shakespeare in Love wasn’t even a decent movie. How can you win an Oscar by performing in that film? Judi Dench is awesome and she definitely deserves more Oscars than she’s earned so far, but she really didn’t earn this one.

Whoopi Goldberg – Ghost
I don’t even get why she was nominated for this, as it’s a grossly overrated movie. Sister Act, sure. This, not so much.

Reese Witherspoon – Walk The Line
Again, one of those typical movies that you can just tell got made to win Oscars, actually wins Oscars and turns out to be not very entertaining to watch. Reese has done better things, and she’s a great actress, but this movie – or her part in it – just didn’t cut it.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Shakespeare in Love
I can be pretty brief here: in no reality that makes sense should Gwyneth Paltrow ever win an Oscar. Her acting range is about as narrow as my vocal range, and I’d make for a horrible singer.