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The Force Is Strong In These 12 Adam Driver Facts


Adam Driver has been acting for a big part of his life but he’s mostly known with the general public as Ben Solo or Kylo Ren, who kills Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII. If that’s still a spoiler to you, you didn’t care much about it anyway.


As mystery always clouds the dark side of the Force, let’s take a look at some facts about Adam Driver that you probably didn’t know.



He Loves Dogs
He currently owns a Rottweiler-Pit Bull mix named Moose.



He Stayed In Character Throughout The Filming Of Star Wars
I mean, why would you ever want to go out of character if your character is a Sith lord in the first place?

He Doesn’t Own Cable
For a simple reason we can all get behind, too: he thinks it’s too expensive!



He Doesn’t Understand Technology
And it’s actually to the point where it sort of scares him. That’s also the main reason why Adam doesn’t have social media accounts.

He Usually Doesn’t Watch His Own Performances
He was even only able to watch himself in the premiere of The Force Awakens because of the fact that he was usually wearing a mask.



He’s Done Some Weird Diets
At one point Adam ate six eggs a day, with the yolk removed from four of them. Another one of his diets was where he ate an entire chicken for lunch.

Kylo Ren Probably Has A Better Connection With His Dad
Adam Driver had a bad relationship with both his biological and stepfather. I guess playing Kylo Ren wasn’t all that difficult for him.



He Joined The Marines
After 9/11 Adam joined the Marine corps, but was medically discharged after a mountain biking accident.

He’s Musical
Growing up with preachers as your father and stepfather, it only makes sense that you’ll end up in a church choir and get some musical training.



He Doesn’t Consider Himself Attractive
He actually thought he’d run no risk of ever being cast as a male lead because of his looks.

He Started His Own Fight Club
Inspired by the movie, of course. In Adam’s Fight Club, however, the first rule was “no hitting in the balls”. Probably a better rule than the original one.



He Has Weird Coping Strategies
When Adam auditions for a role, he convinces himself that he hates the people he has to audition for. Then, when he doesn’t get the part, he can tell himself that he didn’t like those people anyway. Win-win.