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The 9 Best Superhero TV Shows of All Time


Superheroes are the new, well, superheroes. Marvel and DC are making movies that hit millions like it’s nobody’s business and even M. Night Shyamalan figured now was the right time to finish off his superhero trilogy with his movie Glass. It’s hard to step into a movie theater and not find a superhero movie playing at that moment.


There’s also smaller media than cinema, however. Let’s take a look at some superheroes you can watch without having to leave the house and interact with other people. You may need to (legally, of course) find some way to watch them because some of these aren’t airing anymore.



The fastest man alive, this show had probably the best first season of all superhero shows. It’s still keeping up its traction and the show has become a pretty solid part of the so-called “Arrowverse”.



The show about Batman when he wasn’t Batman yet, in Batman’s city. We see all the villains Batman will fight, with some origin stories for some of them, and instead of having Batman fight them, it’s good ol’ commissioner (who isn’t a commissioner yet) Gordon that tries to beat crime the right way.

Batman: The Animated Series
And if you want to see the same villains get their butts kicked by Batman himself, the animated series is your best shot at having a good time. It’s a legendary TV show, and it’s worth watching multiple times over.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The TV show that binds all the MCU movies. Well, watching only the movies won’t affect your movie enjoyment much, but watching the show alongside it will really start opening your mind to everything Marvel has to offer.



The original series that started CW’s Arrowverse, this show about the Green Arrow was a breath of fresh air. Where Marvel revitalized the medium of cinema with the MCU, DC did the same with superhero TV shows and the Arrowverse.

Marvel’s first Netflix show was a clear break from the usually lighter tone of the MCU movies. Daredevil was dark, gritty and sometimes brutal. It almost makes you forget you’re watching an IP that belongs to Disney, and the fight choreography is insanely good.

Luke Cage
Another big one in the Marvel Netflix shows is the man with unbreakable skin, Luke Cage. Wonderful storytelling, and such an amazing cast of actors.



One of the first really big TV shows about Superman before he was Superman, this show slowly introduces you to pretty much the entire Justice League before they were actual superheroes. The show ends with Clark Kent finally becoming Superman, but it’s what comes before that that’s really important.

Legion is a bit of an atypical superhero TV show. It has clear ties to Marvel’s X-Men, but it doesn’t feel like you’re watching an X-Men show. It’s very unique, and very cool to watch.