Selena Gomez Is Titled The Person of the Year by People Magazine


A few days ago, Selena Gomez fans got some unexpected news. We’ve learned that the young and talented music and TV star received the “Person of the Year” Award from the People’s magazine. In honor of this event, the star did a stylish but homely photoshoot for the cover page, which you can still find on her Instagram profile.

Selena was chosen due to her outstanding achievements in the music industry as well as her public position and opinion on a number of pressing issues. Racial inequality, transgender right, and of course, Black Lives Matter were incredibly important subjects this year not only for Selena but also for society. When the United States was hit with the protests last summer, Gomez gave up her Instagram account to the BLM activist Alicia Garza. Raquel Willis, who fights for transgender rights, has also received support from the singer.

Moreover, Selena had the courage to publicly discuss her mental problems and severe depression caused by not only this hellish year but the past traumas as well. One of the other positive achievements, according to the editors, was the release of her own cosmetics line — Rare Beauty.

In addition, the magazine notes that she was given the title of “Person of the Year” in part for her active civic position during the 2020 election. She was one of many celebrities who urged Americans to vote, but since this was her first time voting, it felt much more special.

Going back to the cover photo, the picture she chose was taken at her home. You can see Selena is wearing a fluffy oversized sweatshirt. This adorable image of Selena was picked by one of the famous and influential stylists in Hollywood, Kate Young, who collaborates with many celebrities and chooses outfits for the Oscar nominees.

Naturally, Selena’s fans were super impressed after hearing the news and seeing the photos, so thousands of comments filled with awe and support were sent to her inbox. It’s not every day that you get to receive the “Person of the Year” award, right?

Aside from Selena Gomez, the “Person of the Year” award also went to actor George Clooney, director Regina King, and physician Anthony Fauci.