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Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Transformation


Rebel Wilson has called 2020 her “year of health” and while it’s been a weird year considering the worldwide pandemic, it looks like she has actually stuck to her goal. Rebel has slimmed down considerably this year and unlike most celebrities, she didn’t hide the process or pretend that it was easy.

The actress publicly announced her year of health and has been sharing her progress online via her Instagram account. Throughout the year we’ve seen her post about trying to stay away from junk food and sugar. She has shared snippets of her workouts and her goals. The overall goal for her was to get to 75 kg which is 165 pls. And she’s very close to reaching it. She already lost 42 lbs and is hoping to lose another 17 by the end of the year.

Her approach to this lifestyle change has been admirable. She’s not rushing it and isn’t trying to lose a crazy amount of weight in a matter of weeks. She knows it’ll take time and choosing to have a “year of health” instead of like 2 months of health is definitely the way to go.

In terms of diet, Rebel is following the Mayr Method, which is based around eating whole foods, eliminating any kind of food intolerances and making sure to chew your food properly. The Mayr method is all about being intentional with your food, choosing the things that are good for you, and making time to eat your food slowly and enjoy it instead of just shoveling stuff into your mouth hurriedly like most us are prone to do these days.

In terms of workouts, Rebel has hired a personal trainer and together they’ve been focusing on making her stronger. They focus on HIIT to burn the maximum amount of calories per session. They also try to change up their workouts as often as possible to keep in interesting and exciting instead of just monotonous and repetitive.

Rebel goes to the gym 5 to 7 times a week and is clearly smashing her goals. She has posted some videos of her workouts and they are definitely varied. Some days Rebel and running up and down the stairs of the Sydney Opera House, other days they’re doing TRX workouts, she’s been hiking up Australian trails, she’s also done rope workouts, donned some pretty awesome black and pink boxer gloves, and we’ve seen her flip massive tires. Rebel has joked that she’s coming for Chris Hemsworth and his action hero status, and honestly, she just might. It’s clear that Rebel is full of determination and nothing will stop her from achieving her goals.

Rebel has mentioned that the reason behind her transformation is on one hand health, but on the other hand, she noticed that because of the way she looks, filmmakers of Hollywood don’t see her as anything more than a comedy actress, and she wants to be taken seriously. It kind of sucks that it takes losing weight to be taken seriously, but Rebel said that she’s willing to go through the transformation to show everyone that she can be a serious actress and is hoping this will lead to her getting more serious roles.

Wilson has commented that it’s strange how Hollywood just couldn’t imagine her in a serious role, considering the whole industry is meant to be very imaginative. Isn’t that the whole point of movies? To imagine things and make them into films?

One this is for sure, Rebel is looking slimmer and as beautiful as ever. We’re loving her recent photos on Instagram where she’s all glammed up just as much as her posts in workout gear and getting her sweat on. She’s getting closer to her goal every day and all we can do is just cheer her on. You go Rebel!