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On the Set of Iconic Movies and TV Series


For decades now, all the green/blue screens, impossible props, and other movie magic has been “tricking” us into believing in some of the most unthinkable, fantastical worlds and scenarios. Of course, unless you’re seven years old, you’ll know what’s real and what isn’t, but without suspending your disbelief, you’re pretty much ruining the whole experience. But hey, I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life! We’re here to check out what’s been going on the sets of some of the most popular and iconic movies and TV shows.
The list is completely biased, I’m not going to pretend like it isn’t, so love it or leave it. Anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes photos that probably won’t blow your mind, but will definitely make you appreciate movies more. Enjoy!



Kill Bill
The classic story of head-chopping, face-punching, blood-splattering modern day reverse Cinderella, am I right? But seriously, I could not tell you the plot of this Tarantino flick even if you threaten to bury me alive. I know one thing though – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!



Mad Max Fury Road
The new Mad Max won a couple of badass awards, proved that special effects don’t need to all be CGI, and showed that even with one hand Charlize Theron can whoop a whole lotta ass.

I did not understand one bit of this franchise and why they did what they did, but I still loved it. Granted, it’s nowhere near as iconic as the rest of the movies on this list, but hey, in 10 years people will be praising its genius plot and character development!



The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Alight, while I did like Garfield as Spidey more, this movie was so bad it was good. And not just “good” – controversial! The Gwen Stacy death was on point, Electro was a mental mess, and Green Goblin… well, let’s not talk about that disaster. Huh, what? You’re saying “Rhino” was in it too? I must have blinked when he was on.

“Bwaaaaaaah” and “we need to go deeper”, that’s all this movie is about. The vague ending, you say? Was it really that vague? Leo stopped caring about whether or not he’s in a dream and decided to have some fun. Can’t blame him, if I’m in a dream right now, I would not want to wake up. Also, this movie is a visual masterpiece, to say the least.



Lord of the Rings
You knew this one was comings, didn’t you? Peter Jackson’s trilogy became a staple of the fantasy movies and is up there with the best till this day. I wonder how long will it take for someone to try to reboot it.

The Flash
I don’t care if you’re a comic book fan or not, if you’re not watching the Flash on CW, you’re missing out. Seeing as season 3 hits in a few weeks, you have some time to catch up. It’s already on Netflix, all you need to do is click play!



Stranger Things
Speaking of Netflix, I hope you’ve already watched “Stranger Things” a bunch of times because it is absolutely bonkers! This is an instant classic in my book. And no, it’s not a kids TV show, far from it in fact. Go watch it. NOW!

The Dark Knight Rises
It’s the grittiest of all Batmans… Batmen? – the Dark Knight himself. Nolan did good on this trilogy, that gave us the hero we deserve and the villains that are actually intimidating. Do I think this is the best Batman iteration? You’ll find out soon enough.



Guardians of the Galaxy
My #1 favorite Marvel movie. How could I not include it? Apart from the stellar acting, having 2 fully CGI characters, memorable soundtrack and Chris Pratt, this movie had a soul and hit all the right strings. BRB, gonna re-watch it again!