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Matthew Perry Finally On Instagram!


Two days ago, actor Matthew Perry, arguably, the coolest and most “hip” star of the iconic Friends sitcom, has finally created an Instagram account. However, not so long ago, he would not go anywhere near this social network. What will he be posting there? Who knows, but millions of people are very excited to see what comes out of it.

In his first-ever post, Perry said:

This is how thrilled I am to finally be on Instagram. So, here we go…”

After hearing about the great news, the post was shared by thousands of people, including fans, celebs, and his colleagues-slash-close-friends like Lisa Kudrow, who wrote:

Finally! Yay! Can’t believe my eyes! MY EYES

Welcome to Instagram, Matthew Perry”

Jennifer Aniston could not resist the urge to toss a nostalgia-filled joke from that episode when Joey and Chandler moved into Rachel and Monica’s apartment.

I’m shocked Matty is the last to join Instagram, considering he was a uh… umm….oh crap

Oh! A computer processing TRANSPONSTER.”

To be fair, he nailed it! Why did it take so long for the funniest guy to finally come to a cool place like Instagram? The actor’s account is still pretty barebones, with only a few posts. But at the time of writing, Matt has already accumulated 4.8 million followers. In a month or two, this number will go up to 20+ million, mark my words.

His second post, however, is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Without any context, it just feels like “hey, this is my first actual post, but I don’t know what to say, so here’s a weird frog.” Or am I just overthinking it?

Either way, it is still unknown whether Perry will become an active user or mostly lurk around, checking out what his friends are up to, but we’ll be paying close attention to any future developments. Stay tuned!