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Johnny Galecki and 13 Other Shockingly Short Male Actors


Can you really trust what you see on screen? Apart from all the visual effects, there are tricks cameramen use that can really change a person’s appearance. They can make an actor look taller than he actually is, for example. Don’t believe? Here are a few handsome male stars whose actual height will really surprise you. And while Elijah Wood’s height may not be such a shocking revelation, have you ever considered Tom Cruise to be one of the shorties?



Martin Freeman
Yes, next to the skinny Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch anyone will look a few inches shorter, but after the Hobbit it became quite obvious – Martin Freeman is not tall at all. His height is 5’6”.



Johnny Galecki
Once again, next to his lanky co-star Jim Parsons who portrays Sheldon, Johnny Galecki’s height becomes even more obvious. No camera tricks can save him! Johnny Galecki’s height is 5’5” but we don’t really care about that because he’s starring in the best TV show in the world!

Daniel Radcliffe
We’ve all seen the famous Harry Potter grow up right in front of our own eyes, but it was still impossible to tell what his actual height was. Yet when he stands next to his co-stars it’s quite clear that he’s not tall at all. Daniel is 5’5”, but he keeps on landing cool roles, so who cares!



Michael J. Fox
He may have gone back to the future, but Marty McFly is an incredibly short guy and nothing will ever change that. Michael J. Fox is 5’4”, but it didn’t influence his career or love life in any way. He’s still a huge star despite his height.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise might be an easy target for ridicule with his 5’7” height, but he has always portrayed the most admirable characters that are strong, powerful and heroic. He’s proven to everyone that you can be a tough guy even if you’re short. Or at least play one. His Mission: Impossible and Edge of Tomorrow are really hard to beat.



Mark Wahlberg
His 5’8” height didn’t stop Mark Wahlberg from being nominated for Oscar – twice! He’s an amazing actor with a great body and his height doesn’t bother him at all. Nevertheless, his taller co-stars like Heather Graham and Charlize Theron did have to walk around him barefoot on set to look good on screen. Still, good things do come in small packages, so this charming Boston boy doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Elijah Wood
We will always remember him as Frodo Baggins and nothing will ever change that. No wonder he was chosen for the hobbit role with a height of 5’6” (the same as Martin Freeman by the way). Yet the fact doesn’t seem to bother Elijah at all as he keeps on landing cool roles in amazing movies.



Robert Downey Jr.
There’s hardly a person in the whole world who doesn’t like RDJ. He’s a bundle of wit, humor and intellect all packed in a 5’8” frame. Robert has really proven to everyone that height doesn’t matter when it comes to becoming a movie legend. He’s got Oscar nominations for Tropic Thunder and Chaplin, and his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man have already become classic. What else can you wish for?

Zac Effron
While 5’8” may not be such a small height, everyone was expecting the former Troy Bolton to grow up into a tall and handsome fellow. He actually did quite well with the ‘handsome’ part. And his muscles have certainly made up for the lack of height.



James McAvoy
His height is far from that of a male model, but he still has millions of fans all over the world. James McAvoy rocks a 5’7” frame and is now among the most demanded actors in Hollywood. Filth, Trance, Wanted, X-Men, need we say more? It’s true that his portrayal of Professor X has gained him world recognition, but he’s been a spectacular actor long before that. Despite the height!

Seth Green
He’s been doing so much voice acting lately, that we’ve almost forgotten that in real life Seth Green is 5’4”. But we still love him not matter what!



Josh Hutcherson
While a height of 5’7” is not super short, it certainly does look so if Josh is standing next to Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, his co-stars in the Hunger Games movie series. Well, he seems to be getting more and more popular these days, so his height is not that big of an issue. We hope.

Ken Jeong
Well, out of all the actors on the “shorties list” Ken Jeong is probably the only one who is getting the most out of his height. His 5’5” height was used to full extent by the Communityand The Hangover movie.



Dominic Monaghan
The list just wouldn’t be complete without all the hobbits. So here goes, Dominic Monaghan’s height is 5’7” and it didn’t stop him from becoming a great actor.