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Jobs That Are Only Common In Romantic Comedies


Romantic comedies aren’t exactly known for being the movies that are the most realistic. The way people fall in love so easily and how everything ends up alright in the end, it’s almost fantasy or science fiction. I feel like Star Wars has more things in it that make sense than romantic comedies do.

One of the things that rarely makes sense in romantic comedies is how everyone seems to be successful. If you’re not a doctor, you’ve somehow failed at life – and that’s also probably why you’re not finding true love. With the success often come a list of jobs that almost literally no one does in the real world. Either it’s an exclusive job that only a handful of people do, or it’s not an actual job but the movie decided to turn it into one. Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders below.


Tell me, how many architects do you know? You usually meet your first one when you’re building a house, and you never meet one afterwards. Unless you’re getting a second opinion on your house. It’s a niche line of work that has a lot of unemployment in it. Considering how a single architect can easily deal with multiple projects and not everyone has the luxury of being able to build their own house, it only makes sense that there’d only be a handful of them. And there’s a lot of romantic comedies out there that star successful architects: The Lake House, Three to Tango, The Last Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually, Just Like Heaven, (500) Days of Summer, … Those movies alone probably have more successful architects in them than most small countries!


Again, successful musicians really aren’t all that common – and they usually have very little difficulty finding someone to start a relationship with. But enter the romcom to somehow make you feel sad for that one successful musician that somehow really can’t find true love. It’s often used as a trick to make a character appear more sensitive than the writing staff’s ability allows them to be, and the list of movies that use this specific job is almost endless: Music and Lyrics, Love Actually, The Wedding Singer, New Year’s Eve, … And let’s not forget about pretty much every musical, where somehow every main character is a singer or wants to be one. And they fall in love with someone else that’s either a singer or wants to be one. Everyone’s a top grade musician in musicals, basically.

Bookstore Owner

I mean, how many book stores are there left? They’re becoming more and more scarce since the business plan is obviously no longer sustainable in our modern age of e-commerce, but somehow romantic comedies like You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill or Funny Face would have us believe that not only do bookstore owners still exist, some of them are actually successful! The characters that own a book store are usually perceived as quirky and intelligent.


Even in a big city it’s hard to run into a curator. Yet somehow shows like Sex and the City would have us believe that it’s a popular line of work. There’s also movies like Made of Honor, When in Rome and Love Actually (everyone’s successful in that movie, really) on the list of offenders. I didn’t even know curators were a thing before I saw a romantic comedy. Apparently it’s most often used to give someone an intelligent and artistic personality. I’d be more inclined to call it lucky, considering how low your odds are of actually getting a job in that line of work.

Television Producer

Despite women being grossly underrepresented in the world of media and its high-level jobs, rom coms would have you believe that most television producers are in fact, women. You have Morning Glory, Knocked Up, The Switch and loads of other movies where the main female character is a television producer or at least someone who has a very important job in the world of television. It helps making them look career-driven, and more often than not that’ll be the biggest plot reason of why they can’t keep a relationship. Because women can’t have careers and be happy, you know.

Magazine Editor

If you frequently read magazines, it’s hard to imagine that these things get edited in the first place. In the surrealistic world of the romantic comedy however, magazine editors seem to be everywhere. And they’re busy people, too! They actually work hard to edit the living bajeezus out of those magazines. There’s magazine editors in Friends With Benefits, 13 Going on 30, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Brown Sugar. The one thing about this job is that it appears to be – at least according to romantic comedies – equally divided between men and women.