It’s Happening! Kristen Stewart Is Engaged To Dylan Meyer


Everyone’s favorite actress Kristen Stewart is engaged! Kristen excitedly announced this on The Howard Stern Show, saying that it’s finally happening, they’re marrying and she’s super happy about it. 

Kristen and Dylan Meyer met in 2013 while working on a movie set. In case you didn’t know, Dylan is also an actress and a screenwriter. It wasn’t until 2019 when the two met again and that’s when their love story really started. Kristen has been excited about this relationship from the very beginning, she even talked about proposing herself (also on the Howard Stern Show) only a few months into the relationship, she said she couldn’t wait and while she wants to be sensible, she believes that good things happen fast.

Well, she got her wish. Dylan Meyer proposed and as Kristen so eloquently put it – they’re marrying, they’re totally doing it! We couldn’t be more excited about them, they seem like such a perfect couple. Kristen has also shared that she always wanted to be proposed to, so she’s over the moon that Dylan did it and everything about it was perfect. 

But how do we know that the engagement happened a month ago? Well, that’s when Kristen started wearing a ring on the corresponding finger. At first, it was easy to think that it’s just a regular accessory because it’s not a big flashy diamond. Instead, Dylan proposed to Kristen with a sleek and modern ring, it’s a wide brushed platinum band, with a flat top and squared-off edges, no diamonds in sight. This is kind of perfect because it’ll go with anything, you get to wear it every day and not worry about it being the center of attention, or getting it caught on anything. 

Speaking about the wedding plans, Kristen says she doesn’t want anything super official. She’s not into the whole business of being walked down the aisle. Her perfect wedding getup is her best pair of Levi jeans, an old t-shirt with a tuxedo print, but a bit cropped, oh and she’d probably be barefoot too. She wants to see her fiance just laugh hysterically when she sees her. She also doesn’t really care about flowers and stuff, but the food – now that’s important to her, that’s the main thing, she wants food to be on point. She said they’ll probably just exchange vows and then party afterward. She also isn’t into the idea of destination weddings, she says she’ll probably stay in LA so that everyone can come and celebrate with them. To her, a wedding is basically just an excuse to exchange “I love you’s” in front of all their friends and family. 

So is anything planned, do we know the date yet? No, Kristen says that she’s not about to rush into a COVID wedding, she wants COVID to not even be a thing anymore, so that everyone can come and celebrate and feel safe. 

Kristen also mentioned that she would love Guy Fieri to officiate since she heard that he does gay weddings. “​​So, the idea of that man — that sweet, sweet spikey-headed man — coming to our wedding and officiating it, it just makes me laugh so much” – said Kristen. Was she joking? Well, we’ll never know, because a bit later, on the Today Show the hosts surprised her with a message from Guy Fieri himself, who said he’s all in. They did ask her if she was joking and while Kristen looked very surprised she said she’s very much into it and would love to get together with Guy and talk it over. 

So far it’s shaping up to be a very fun wedding, with brides in Levi jeans and t-shirts, Guy Fieri officiating and an awesome party afterward. We can’t wait for it to happen and we’re hoping we get to see at least a few pictures from that awesome wedding.