Iconic Hollywood Actors and Actresses Through the Years by Ertan Atay



There have been many “before/after” articles about how celebs and movie stars have changed since their first role, or how famous child actors grew up right in front of our eyes. That’s pretty much what Ertan Atay did on his Instagram. Usually, he creates incredible collages by combining modern celebs and cultural icons with art pieces from world-renowned artists, sort of, implying there’s a deeper meaning. But today his unique sense of style will guide us through the roles of the iconic Hollywood actors and actresses through the years.



1. Angelina Jolie


2. Jennifer Aniston


3. Johnny Depp


4. Jim Carrey



5. Natalie Portman


6. Leonardo DiCaprio


7. Will Smith


While these are definitely fun and unique, I’d recommend looking at his other work as well. The man is a freaking genius!