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Game of Thrones Spoilers That Are Confirmed By The Cast List


Hurrah, the day is finally upon us! The final season for Game of Thrones has started and it’s going to be a very wild ride after which we’ll finally see the end of this decade-long journey. Will Daenerys rule Westeros like her ancestors? Will Cersei get what she wants? Will Bran impact past, present and future with his powers?


Sometimes however, the easiest answers can be found in the most obvious of places: the cast list of IMBD. Of all the spoilers and theories that roamed the dark depths of the internet in the recent months, here’s the ones that were confirmed by the cast list of GoT. Because sometimes, people just can’t keep their mouths shut.



Robin Arryn Returns
Everyone’s favorite brat, Robin Arryn, is shown to return on the cast list. Considering how he’s the most important person in the Vale and the White Walkers are upon us, it kind of makes sense that he’d return in some form.


Edmure Tully Is Also Coming Back
The long-lost brother of the now-deceased Caitlyn Stark is also reportedly coming back for the last season of Game of Thrones. What role will he play? Will he help the Starks defeat the White Walkers and Cersei Lannister? Or did they just bring him back to have him get killed, kind of like what they did to Rickon?



Melisandre Has A Role To Play
Melisandre is confirmed to return to season eight and has will obviously play an important role in the last fight for Westeros. She brought Jon Snow back from the dead, so obviously he’ll have some debt to her, won’t he? Or is Melisandre still convinced he’s the legendary Azor Ahai?


Tormund And Beric Survive The Fall Of The Wall
We weren’t sure of their fates after the events of the season 7 finale, but the casting list confirms that they pretty much survive the passing of the Night King’s army through the Wall.

The Night King Only Appears In Episode 3
The casting list for the first few episodes leave someone surprisingly absent: the Night King. He probably won’t have any major role to play until episode 3, when he finally shows up on the lists again.



Jon Survives Until The Finale
Everyone’s favorite zombie, Jon Snow, shows up on the casting list for the series finale, which can probably only mean he survives until the very end.


Bran Is Important To Defeating The Night King
Not really the biggest surprise considering the way they’ve been building up Bran in the last few seasons, but it’s been pretty much confirmed/spoiled by now that Bran has a major part to play in the ending of the story.


Sam Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut
Word on the wire has it that Sam is the one to tell Jon that he’s not really a Stark. Considering what Jon has already done to his close family Daenerys, it’s anyone’s guess how he’ll react to the news.



Tyrion or Jon Dies
Why? Because George R.R. Martin said so. The plan was for both of them to fall in love with Daenerys and this will lead to both of them ending up in some sort of rivalry. I’ll let you guess which one has the most chance of surviving combat with the other one. I’m sure Tyrion will be fine.