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Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Passed Away in 2018


2018 was a long and quite painful year for many of us mere mortals, as well as our favorite celebrities. Some of them got roles in amazing movies and TV shows, some decided not to participate in any camera action, and then there are those who left this world. And since it’s the end of the year, it’s high time to do the final tallies.


2018 took away the lives of many talented people all over the world and the world of Bollywood has suffered many painful losses as well. Let’s show our love and respect to some of the Bollywood celebs who passed away in 2018.



1. Narendra Jha
Narendra Jha, best known for the movies like Haider, Ghayal Once Again, Shorgul, Force 2, and others, died of a heart attack on March, 14, at the age of 55.



2. Moumita Saha
The young TV starlet was only 23 years old when on March 10 she committed suicide in her hotel suite.

3. Sridevi
54 year old Bollywood actress Sridevi left this world on February, 24, by accidentally drowning in a bathtub in Dubai.



4. Ava Mukherjee
On January 15, at the silver age of 88 a renowned movie star Ava Mukherjee passed away in Mumbai. You may have seen her in Darna Zaroori Hai and The Firm Land, and a plethora of commercials.

5. Shrivallabh Vyas
Best known for playing Ishwar Kaka in Lagaan, 60-year-old Shrivallabh Vyas passed away on January 7, 2018, from an old illness.



6. Shammi
Throughout her long career Shammi appeared in over 200 movies, including Coolie No 1, Hum, and Gopi Kishan. Sadly, she died on March, 6 at the age of 89.

7. Ustad Pyarelal Wadali
Having a weak heart at 75 is no joke. Ustad Pyarelal Wadali, a well known musician, suffered a lethal heart attack on March 9.



8. Charu Rohatgi
Remember Parineeti Chopra’s mother in Ishaqzaade? That’s Charu Rohatgi, and she passes away on January 15 after having a cardiac arrest.

9. Tom Alter
This Indian actor of American descent, has lived a long and happy life, until September, 29, when he couldn’t fight of the skin cancer anymore. He died at the age of 68.



10. W.B. Rao
W.B. Rao, known for working on Hum and Rangeela among others, passed away on January, 16 in a suburban hospital in Mumbai.

11. Sidhu R Pillai
On January 17, Sidhu died of drowning at the age of 27. He starred in 16 movies including Chithram, and Amrutham Gamaya among others.