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Doug Jones Is The Best Actor You Probably Don’t Recognize


The actor Doug Jones probably doesn’t ring too many bells when I mention him. Heck, I had no idea who he was and it turns out I’ve seen 99% of all his films. There’s a very specific reason for that, however.



Doug has the habit of taking roles that physically transform him, either through CGI or long hours in the makeup chair. He’s even portrayed multiple roles in the same movie on a few occasions. Never has he looked the same, and that’s probably the main reason why no one can quite pin his face down. He looks like this without any makeup or CGI (that I know of):



Now if we take a look at the big movies he’s done and the characters he played in them, I can guarantee that you’ve seen at least three or four of these movies. It just shows how ridiculously under-appreciated this actor is. Not many people have the acting chops to play 2-3 roles in the same movie.
He’s played a diverse range of characters, and he’s played all pretty much to perfection. Well, some require very little dialogue so it’s pretty much cheating. Let’s take a look at some of Doug’s best roles, and be sure to check out as much of his work as you can. Don’t pretend you have anything better to do. We’ve had this conversation before.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Abe Sapien



Angel of Death




Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer



Pan’s Labyrinth

Pale Man



Sewer imp

Ice Cream Man



Thin Infected Man

Dragon Age: Redemption



The Watch
Hero Alien