Disney Princesses As Stylish Moms To Be


As kids, we all had our favourite Disney Princesses that we adored and looked up to. We loved how they looked, how they dressed, we wanted to be them. And most of their stories ended with “they met their prince and lived happily ever after”. But what does that mean? Wouldn’t you want to get a peek into their life a couple of years after the movie ended?

Oksana Zolotareva, an artist from Russian, has always been a Disney fan. She started drawing by copying images Disney princesses as a child. But now that she’s a grown woman, and while she’s on maternity leave, she decided to try and imagine what Disney Princesses would look like if they were also expecting. And to add a little twist she drew them as stylish pregnant ladies on a photoshoot with their man.

1. Cinderella and her Prince Charming

Quite a modern take on the classic Disney Princess, but we love that she’s chosen a sparkly dress. It’s like a throwback to the day Cinderella met her Prince Charming. And of course, the Prince is looking hella stylish too.

2. Tiana and Prince Naveen

Princess Tiana looks ready to pop any day now and is that dress giving you Angelina Jolie vibes when she was pregnant or is that just me? Also, look at how Prince Naveen is looking at her. Get yourself a guy who looks at you like that.

3. Mulan and Li Shang

Mulan is looking very stylish in her bodycon skirt, denim shirt and with a red lip. And having a photoshoot with Li Shang on the Great Wall of China is such an iconic idea. Monumental location for a monumental moment in every woman’s life.

4. Pocahontas and Captain John Smith

The artist drew Pocahontas and John Smith wearing all white, and it kind of looks like a wedding dress on Pocahontas. And nature and animals as the backdrop sounds like exactly what Pocahontas would want for the photoshoot.

5. Beauty and the Beast

Belle is looking absolutely gorgeous in that blue dress and cradling her baby bump. And of course, her village would be in the background. It’s kind of amusing to see that her man is getting a dad body in preparation for becoming a dad too. See that little tummy?

6. Jasmin and Aladdin

Jasmine and Aladdin are looking very cute. Aladdin comparing his stomach to Jasmin’s baby bump is the most hilarious and most Aladdin thing ever. He’d totally do it, you just know he would.

7. Aurora and Prince Phillip

A forest photoshoot sounds like a perfect location for a pregnant photoshoot for Aurora and Phillip. That dress is absolute goals. Get it girl, even when pregnant Aurora would definitely dress to impress.

8. Ariel and Eric

We’re not quite sure why Ariel is wearing black but it’s giving us serious Ursula vibes. The hair accessory is a nice touch and Eric looks very dashing too. Check out more reimagined Disney Princesses on the artists Instagram page.