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Clash of YouTube Gods: Pewdiepie VS T-Series


Not so long ago something unthinkable happened… For the first time in years Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg felt threatened as the number one most-subscribed YouTube channel. A dark horse named T-Series has started its race to dethrone Pewds. The threat kept getting closer with every passing day. And even though the news outlets and data analysts have been raving that “T-Series” will reach the 70-million subscribers mark before Poods, the reality is quite the opposite.



You see, the analysts and scavengers celebrating Pewdiepie’s demise before it actually happened, forgot to take into account one simple fact – human factor. Well, that and how devoted some of Pewds’ fans are.



It started out in the comments under YouTube videos, then slowly migrated to Reddit, Facebook, and other unrelated websites, the “fight” eventually reached television and even radio! Thanks to Mr. Beast, a YouTuber notorious for giving away wads of cash to his subscribers, Pewdiepie’s position as the King of YouTube still remains relatively safe. What he did was both dumb and inspirational.



Using his own city as a huge ad platform, Mr. Beast invested thousands of dollars into billboards, TV spots, radio ads, fliers, and more, where he urged the masses to subscribe to Felix’s channel and help defeat T-Series. This ad campaign gave Pewds a nice boost and made him the first ever YouTuber to reach 70 million subscribers.

If you were not aware of this feud you’re probably asking yourself “why even bother? Would it be so bad if this T-Series guys take over as #1?”, and … you’re not wrong, it doesn’t matter much (unless you want me to tell you that there’s some secret agenda). But it still sucks that a one-man channel was able to become this huge only thanks to a few genuinely funny videos a day, while T-Series is basically an MCN company (multi-channel network) with twice as many professionally made music videos being released each day. It’d be like Hollywood taking part in a high-school film-making competition.



I’m not going to tell you to go subscribe to Felix’s channel (I lied, go do that), but you’d be letting down literally millions of people, and, most importantly, the Swedish Meatball himself – Pewdiepie.



Well, whatever you decide, you can just sit here and watch the live counter, which at the time of me writing this shows ~160,000 difference between the two Titans.

The day of reckoning is nigh!