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Celebs That Are Absolute Nightmares To Work With


I can already imagine your shock when you read the title of this article. Celebs, being horrible people? How dare I think such a thing! Well, apparently it’s true. I don’t make the rules, I just state them as written.


I’ve got to be honest though: not all celebrities are horrible people. I’m pretty sure most are, but some are genuinely nice people. These are not the people we’ll be discussing today. Why? Because there’s just no fun in writing gossip about the good guy. Remember that one time The Rock took a selfie with a fan? Yeah, no one does. He does that all the time. It’s not special anymore.


Let’s take a look at some celebrities you’d probably be best to not ever work with. In case you’d end up in a situation where you get the opportunity.



Jennifer Lopez
Being her assistant isn’t the easiest job in the world. J-Lo requires pretty much 24/7 availability, with jobs including traveling on short notice, babysitting, cooking, helping her dress for events and not sleeping. Definitely not sleeping.



Christian Bale
We all remember that one episode where he was yelling at the Director of Photography, don’t we? The internet never forgets.

Mariah Carey
We all expected she was a huge diva, but after her numerous arguments with Nicki Minaj during American Idol, we’re pretty sure she’s difficult to work with.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer apparently refuses to even eat with other members of the cast and crew of her newest project. Just imagine, eating with the regular folk! How ridiculous!



Charlie Sheen
After his falling out with the people behind Two and a Half Men, i’s not that hard to imagine why people wouldn’t be too fond of working with him.

Mike Myers
Turns out this guy is a “moody, temperamental control freak”. There you have it. I guess that explains why no one wants to work with him anymore.

Russel Crowe
“Eccentric” doesn’t quite cut it. He’s known for his drunken phone calls, fighting and threats. He’s cool when he’s sober, though.



Lindsay Lohan
She shows up late on set pretty much all the time, and gets very demanding whenever she arrives. Yup, that sounds like a situation that could frustrate people.

Shia LaBeouf
Pretty much everyone that worked with him, hates him. He also openly admits he’s only an actor for the money.