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At What Age These Famous Parents and Their Kids Looked Like Twins


A wise fellow (whose named has slipped my mind) once said: “Time stands still for no man”; and because of that fact, logically at some point down the road, new info overwrites the old dusty stuff. We begin to forget that our favorite actors and actresses were young at some point, looked great and were so amazingly full of life, sharing their talent with the world. Sometimes even sharing a bit more than just their talent!
They used to be new to this whole show business deal, but now, as their kids are all grown up, they’re trying to pass them the torch. These sons and daughters of hot superstar parents, were lucky enough to inherit most of those beautiful genes, making them look a lot like their parents at some point in their lives.
We’ve compiled a stellar group of first and second generation folks for you to feast your eyes on. To be completely candid with you the resemblance between some of them is really uncanny. Get ready to be surprised!



Pierce Brosnan (42 years old) and Sean Brosnan (32 years old)

David Beckham (17 years old) and Brooklyn Beckham (16 years old)



Angelina Jolie (5 years old) and Shiloh Jolie Pitt (9 years old)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (35 years old) and Joseph Baena (19 years old)



Jude Law (25 years old) and Rafferty Law (18 years old)

Vanessa Paradis (15 years old) and Lily Rose Depp (17 years old)

Clint Eastwood (31 years old) and Scott Eastwood (28 years old)



Meryl Streep (30 years old) and Mamie Gummer (28 years old)

Tom Hanks (37 years old) and Colin Hanks (39 years old)



Reese Witherspoon (17 years old) and Ava Phillippe (17 years old)

Paul McCartney (38 years old) and James McCartney (35 years old)



John Lennon (32 years old) and Sean Lennon (28 years old)

Cindy Crawford (19 years old) & Kaia Gerber (14 years old)



Jack Nicholson (38 years old) and Ray Nicholson (24 years old)