9 Perfect Movies That Should Never Be Rebooted


As time goes by movies do crazier and crazier stunts, more believable CGI effects, and in general, the technical parts of shooting movies get more sophisticated. But is shinier picture always the better option? Should Hollywood stop remaking the old classics? Definitely! Well, at least not all of them.


Dear, Hollywood, whatever you do, just leave these 9 iconic movies alone, and don’t you dare to reboot them!



1. Titanic
This ship has sailed, dear filmmakers, and need I remind you how it ended? There’s little to no room for creative vision here, and whoever you’d cast, they’re never going to trump DiCaprio’s performance, so you might as well come up with an original idea.



2. The Big Lebowski
I know that it’s like just my opinion, man, but The Big Lebowski is one of the most iconic comedies ever. The Coen Brothers nailed every scene, making the characters quite memorable, so what would be the point in retelling this story? The Dude would not abide!

3. Star Wars
Disney’s been doing a great job expanding the Star Wars universe with every movie, but what if they run out of ideas and decide to go back to the roots? You just know it’ll never have the same impact as the Lucas’ original trilogy. Can you imagine the “I am your father” scene in full CGI? Yuck!

4. The Matrix
Thanks to the Wachowski Brothers the Western World got one of the first look at how a Japanese anime would look like in live-action. The ridiculous plot, the gravity-defying choreography, the dark and gritty cyber world… It just can’t be reproduced. I mean, it can, and has been done many times, but nothing will top the original, no matter how bad the third movie was.



5. Terminator
Fine, okay, maybe the first Terminator wasn’t perfect, but without it we’d never have the Judgment Day, which is easily the most iconic sci-fi thriller of the 90’s. And if someone did decide to reboot it, who’d be cast as T-100? Dave Bautista? John Cena? Maybe Dwayne Johnson? Nah-nah-nah, those are some impossibly big shoes to fill.

6. Back to the Future
When I imagine someone else playing Doc and Marty, I just pass out because that simply does not compute. Oh, and of course the time travel destinations would have to be changed, everything would be shot on a huge green screen with tennis balls and people wearing green tights. Wow, I can already hear Twitter’s screech. No thank you!

7. Fight Club
The source material is there and some director may one day think to themselves “hey, it’s been X years since David Fincher’s “Fight Club” came out. Maybe it needs a facelift!” No, shameless director-person, that movie is intense, weird and even quite enlightening at times, so go direct a sequel of Leprechaun or something.



8. Pulp Fiction
Nobody can direct a movie like Quentin Tarantino. That’s just a fact. And his 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction” is an unmistakable proof of that. The more you watch it, the more details you discover! Everything from the actors, their characters, and locations to dialogues and hidden details, is a bloody masterpiece.

9. Citizen Kane
For even thinking of rebooting this iconic Orson Welles movie, one should automatically get checked into a mental hospital. If you want to know why you’ll have to go watch this masterpiece. Preferably a couple of times. It’d be a damn shame if Hollywood decides to modernize this film!