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9 Major Characters That Are Barely Seen In The Movie


Usually main characters in the movies get a lot of screen time, but some films deviate from the norm. Some trying to save them for the big reveal, others just to save a few million bucks of CGI and royalties. Whatever the reasons are, not all characters are created equally.


Here are 9 major characters that are barely seen in the movie.



1. Sauron in The Lord of the Rings
He’s in the first part for a brief moment, and then he’s basically an unseen presence throughout the trilogy. The same footage of the Eye of Sauron doesn’t count.



2. Darth Vader in Star Wars
For such a pivotal character Darth Vader was shoved way deep into the background, only popping up from time to time to perform a Force choke or admit that he’s the father.

3. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs
The entire movie was about this horrible cannibalistic monster and what did we get? Almost no Anthony Hopkins at all!

4. Superman in Justice League
What a let-down this movie was… One of the biggest drawbacks was how they dealt with Superman’s resurrection. 2/3 of the movie he was dead, then they rez him and he disappears, only to save the world in the last 10 minutes. Disgusting!



5. The Killer in Se7en
That’s right, I don’t even know his name, that’s how short his screen time was! But, holy balls, that was some ending.

6. Bill in Kill Bill
For literally a titular character, Bill was more like Sauron, controlling everything from beyond the shadows. Which is kinda weird, because David Carradine is always a win.

7. Godzilla in Godzilla
Speaking of titular characters… Godzilla’s fight with the MUTO couple was freaking magnificent! Too bad it only lasted for 15 minutes. Taking into account that it’s a two-hour movie, that’s a weak result.



8. Cloverfield monster in Cloverfield
Since we’re in the monster-verse, how about that Godzilla-sized beast from… was it from space or another dimension? Eh, either way, the Cloverfield monster was barely seen in this “found footage” style movie.

9. Babadook in The Babadook
And finally, some scary stuff! If you haven’t seen The Babadook, I highly recommend it. As you may have gathered, Babadook is not on screen all that much, so there are no (or little to no) jump-scares. Just tension itself.