9 Hollywood Stars Famous For A Single Role


Any ambitious actor dreams of becoming a star and playing memorable roles for decades, but only a few manage to reach the stardom. Reaching it, however, isn’t the biggest problem. Sadly, a lot of actors will be remembered only by their best (or worst) roles, and that’s kinda depressing. It takes a lot of work and luck to stay at the top, so here are 9 Hollywood stars who are famous for a single role!



1. Jason Mewes – Jay
Think about it, can you recollect any other movie Jason was in? I know he was in Flash in like 2 episodes but that’s only because I’m a nerd and his friend Kevin Smith directed those episodes. Sadly, Jason is nowhere to be seen after Jay and Silent Bob…



2. Macaulay Culkin – Kevin McCallister
After the gigantic success of two Home Alone movies, Culkin became one of the most bankable child actors in Hollywood. Too bad all his consecutive movies were huge flops.

3. Bruce Campbell – Ash Williams
Back in 1980 Campbell starred in what would become one of the most iconic horror movies of all time – Evil Dead. Fast forward to 36 years later – he’s still playing Ash, this time in the TV series.

4. Carrie-Anne Moss – Trinity
Let’s face it, she’ll always be Trinity from the Matrix. Granted she’s done some great stuff in the Netflix Marvel series, but she was never able to get out of Trinity’s shadow.



5. Christopher Reeve – Superman
Whenever you think of Superman (before Henry Cavill), there’s only one face that should come up in your memory – Christopher Reeve. Was he even in other movies? I have no idea!

6. Mark Hamill – Luke Skywalker
Although Mark Hamill is the voice of mane great characters, including the Joker, his live-action career isn’t so diverse. And even after all these years he keeps playing Luke!

7. Carrie Fisher – Leia Organa
Being Hamill’s co-star in Star Wars, Carrie definitely got to the top of the Hollywood food chain, but got too tied up with illegal substances and generally bad decisions, resulting in her career plummeting to the ground.



8. Linda Hamilton – Sarah Connor
Linda Hamilton is known almost exclusively for her role in the “Terminator”, and, seeing as she’ll be reprising that same role in the upcoming “Terminator” movie, I’d say let’s move on to our last contestant.

9. Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean
It’s a pity such a hilarious comedian as Atkinson is being pigeon-holed into Mr. Bean-like roles. Not a lot of options with a funny face like that, I bet. Then there’s also the Johnny English movie, but it’s basically Mr.Bean as a British spy. Still, funny as hell!