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9 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are So Rich They Could Quit Working at Any Moment


It’s no surprise that celebrities make all the money in the world, but many of them just waste it all on new cars, houses, and other luxurious things. There are, however, smart stars out there who know what to buy and when to buy it. Or maybe they’re just earning way more than they can possibly spend.


Either way, here are 9 Hollywood celebs who are so rich they could quit working at any moment.



1. Tom Cruise
You may think that Top Gun was the golden horse that kept on giving, but in reality it was “Mission: Impossible” film series. Just from that one installment he got 70 million dollars! Set for life, indeed.



2. Robert Downey Jr.
We all remember Robert Downey Jr.’s addiction problems in the 80-90’s which put him in jail at one point. But thanks to Jon Favreau and his “Iron Man” movie Robert got into the biggest of leagues. How big? Let’s just say for his role in “Avengers: Infinity War” Robert got 200 million. It’s almost like he’s Tony Stark now!

3. Kim Kardashian
Let’s not pretend we haven’t seen the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” show, okay, but you know what? According to some sources Kim is currently worth over $175 million, so even if she quits, she would not care.

4. Tom Hanks
Can you imagine getting $60 million for a single role? That’s exactly how much Tom Hanks earned for “Forrest Gump”, and he could’ve lived his entire life without ever needing anything from that day on. Lucky for us, he loves acting!



5. Jack Nicholson
Would you like to guess how much cash Nicholson got for playing Joker in 1989? It was $50 million! Back in ’89 it was a fortune and a half! No wonder he can do whatever he wants right now…

6. Jennifer Aniston
Tell us, Jennifer, how does it feel to earn 1 million bucks per episode? Let’s see, that’s 2 (last) seasons, 24 episodes each… 48 million dollars. But that’s not all. She also gets royalties for the reruns of Friends. Which comes to around $20 million per year. Loaded for life!

7. Jerry Seinfeld
Although the Seinfeld show ended decades ago, Jerry was able to make some of the most profitable deals in the history of profitable deals. I mean, $400 million from syndication is just a small step, I guess…



8. Keanu Reeves
Keanu was already blowing up in “Speed” and “Devil’s Advocate”, but after “Matrix” – oh mamma! No numbers were mentioned but I’m guessing it wasn’t pizza money.

9. Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana was the role that opened pretty much every door before Miley Cyrus. How much exactly? We sadly have no idea, but according to some sources Miley’s parents figured out they were sitting on a gold mine, and their contracts had at least 8 zeroes. But who knows at this point!