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9 Best Movie Robots of All Time


If we asked you to name the best robot in movies you would think it would be an easy task right? But when you actually start to think about it there are many many great robots in movies. Nearly every great sci-fi movie has a robot in it, most are truly awesome too. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Wall E, Robocop, AI, Terminator… we all have a favourite robot right?

Check out this list of the 9 best movie robots of all time.

1. C3PO Star Wars

C3PO was a bumbling nervous and cowardly droid right? Usually thought of as second best to the great R2D2, but designed and made by Anakin Skywalker with a heart of gold and a golden body to match! He didn’t really get involved in action but he was useful and entertaining in each Star Wars movie he was in and was a great comedy partner to R2D2.

C-3PO –Star Wars | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

2. Wall-E Wall-E

There are very few robots in movies with a personality to beat Wall-E, lovable and truly great this Pixar creation was the star of the show. Heroic yet vulnerable , he worked his parts to death and searched for romance. When things got hectic he always delivered somehow, a truly awesome robot and movie!

Wall-E | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

3. T800 The Terminator

Was he bad or good? He was both! An awesome protector, a martyr and a fearsome opponent Arnold Schwarzenegger portrayed this robot brilliantly. Most prefer the T2 version of the robot, yet that version would never have existed without Arnie’s first terminator!

T800 –The Terminator | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

4. Johnny-5 Short Circuit

Yes this is an eighties film, some of you may even not have seen this movie, if you haven’t you must watch it! This robot was the most memorable robot of the entire eighties surely? A hero of pop culture Johnny-5 was crazy, funny and unlike most other robots on this list he didn’t resemble a human at all. He was more of a machine than a robot, some may say, but his heart was truly human.

Johnny-5 –Short Circuit | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

5. R2D2 Star Wars

R2D2, truly everything you could ever want in a robot right? Charismatic, resourceful, very cute and funny, full of courage and adaptable in an instant. His iconic design has survived decades many people who were nowhere near born when the films were first screened still know R2D2 today. Many would say that R2D2 is the very best movie robot of all time.

R2D2 –Star Wars | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

6. Gigolo Joe A.I. Artificial Intelligence

David played by Haley Joel Osment was the main character of this dark sci-fi classic about robots. But Gigolo Joe played by Jude Law was the comedy aspect and some would say the star of the movie. He sported tangible human features and personality to win most people and robots over.

Gigolo Joe –A.I. Artificial Intelligence | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

7. EVE Wall E

Wall-E’s love interest in this great Pixar movie was strong, sleek and full of heart and spirit. She was truly a force to be reckoned with her guns, sleek apple-esque design and full of personality despite her few words approach!

EVE –Wall E | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

8. T-1000 Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Everyone who has seen the Terminator films definitely remembers this exact Terminator. Made of liquid metal and a doll like face the T-1000 was terrifying in this great sequel to The Terminator. Many Terminators who followed simply were not as awesome as this killing machine.

T-1000 –Terminator 2: Judgement Day | 9 Best Movie Robots of All Time | Brain Berries

9. Robocop Robocop

Although Alex Murphy was still part human his robot side made him a definite for this list. His kick ass style along with that really cool design and some of the best weapons of any movie robot. Any robot that can beat ED-209 has to be a truly great edition to any movie.