9 Actors Who Suddenly Left Their TV Shows

When a beloved character suddenly disappears from your weekly guilty pleasure show, fans are left wondering what happened. Did the writers just decide to kill off the character? Did the actor or actress choose to leave the show? While networks and studios often provide a “clean” version of the events to the public, the real reasons behind an actor’s departure can be much more complex.

1. Michael Scott – The Office (US)

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, left The Office in season 7 when he moved to Colorado with his quirky girlfriend, Holly. Carell had initially signed on for seven seasons of the show and decided to leave at the end of his contract. What’s strange is that the showrunners never thought to ask Carell to stay on for longer, so that’s just very stupid of them. Hey, at least he appeared in the series finale!

2. Poussey Washington – Orange Is The New Black

Poussey’s character was tragically killed off in season 4, leaving many fans heartbroken. The show’s creators, Jenji Kohan, and the writing team decided to write her off as they wanted to address the issue of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. Poussey’s death was a deliberate commentary on the real-world events of the time, and her loss was felt deeply by both the viewers and the rest of the OITNB characters.

3. Derek Shepherd – Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. Derek, also known as “McDreamy,” kicked the bucket in season 11 after getting into a nasty car accident. The decision to kill off Derek was not an easy one for the showrunners, but the actor, Patrick Dempsey, didn’t leave them much choice as he simply wanted to do something else. While fans were devastated by Derek’s exit, the show has continued on without him, for better or worse.