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8 Weird Theories That Will Ruin Your Favorite Kids TV Shows


Nowadays more and more people are noticing that some of our most favorite cartoons and animated movies for kids are not as innocent as they seem. Sometimes creators unintentionally put a detail or two that changes the meaning of a certain scene or episode completely, and sometimes they just come up with really dark and sick ideas that aren’t suited for kids’ TV shows at all. Fans like to speculate about such things and sometimes come up with really funny and weird theories. Here are 8 crazy facts that will totally ruin your favorite kids’ TV shows.



Simpsons are actually trapped in time
Simpsons are one of the longest running animated shows (and sitcoms for that matter) in American history. So it would come as no surprise that the internal logic of the show is quite wonky, otherwise it would be impossible to keep the plot together. Springfield itself is a place that’s not pinned to any certain state and is surrounded by a volcano, a mountain, a dessert, a glacier and lots of other natural sights that come and go as they please. The passage of time is also weird – it seems that no one in Springfield ages like they should. Bart has remained 10 years old for how long now? Some fans believe that Springfield is trapped inside a tesseract – a 4-dimensional cube that has its own laws of space and time.
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Peppa Pig, the Orwellian nightmare
Anthropomorphic animals are pretty common for kids’ TV shows. Nevertheless, if you take a closer look at Peppa Pig’s society, you might notice some unsettling details. Jet Rouner (Houston Press) has noticed that all the animals in the show that exhibit human behavior are mammals – they wear human clothes, drive cars, live in houses, and even have insects and other smaller animals as pets. Jet Rouner came up with a theory that Peppa Pig’s society represents a kind of post-apocalyptic society where animals have evolved beyond recognition and have developed a common language. This idyllic society is based on animal slavery and is ruled by the remnants of humanity – the Queen. Well, now you know.
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Is Garfield actually dead?
Our favorite lazy cat with a wicked sense of humor might have been dead for a long time now. How so? Back in 1989 Jim Davis was tasked to come up with a cool Halloween twist for the new issue of Garfield, and boy, did he do a great job! Suddenly Garfield finds himself in a broken old house without his beloved family and yummy snacks. It seems that everyone’s been gone for years and right now he’s all alone in a haunted house. He immediately turns back to his usual life, thinking all this was a dream, yet somehow the feeling of doom remains. Did he dream all that, or is he actually dead, dreaming all of this out of sheer loneliness? We’ll probably never know for sure.
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In The Night Garden is a dream of a dying man
Designed to put kids to sleep, this show has some disturbing discrepancies that will make you think twice before showing it to children. The main character of the show, Iggle Piggle, is a weird blue-skinned sailor that goes to sleep on a boat in the middle of the sea and then sails to the island where he meets various creatures. At the end of their day they go to sleep, but our hero comes back to his boat and sails out into the sea once again. Fans theorize that the Night Garden is a dream of a dying man stranded on a boat after a shipwreck or a disaster of some sort. Each night he lights his lamp so that some other ship may see him and save him, and then retreats to the comfortable place of dreamy Night Garden where he doesn’t have to fight for his life.
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Something Special is a representation of Psychoanalysis
This show is one of the most peculiar creations on BBC. It follows Mr. Tumble, a children’s clown character that lives in a Tumble House somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Along with him live his two aunts, Polly and Sukey, his grandfather, Grandad Tumble, and Lord Tumble. All of them are played by one actor, Justin Fletcher. All this family seems to always stay on the premises of the Tumble House without ever leaving the place. Only Mr. Tumble himself communicates with a guy named Justin via some kind of magic to give him all kinds of quests to complete. According to fans’ theories, this whole place with its inhabitants is the representation of Justin Fletcher’s own mind with its various aspects and different personas.
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Sesame Street is the Count’s feeding ground
Fans have been suspicious about Count von Count for a long time now. What’s this Eastern European immigrant doing on Sesame Street? It becomes pretty obvious when you notice the fact that he possesses no reflection and has a compulsion to count things. According to the vampire mythology that is exactly something a vampire would do. Which means Count has to be one of them! And while in the later series he portrays a more charming character, in the earlier days of the show he was running around hypnotizing the inhabitants of Sesame Street for no apparent reason. Well, now it’s all perfectly understandable – he was planning on eating them!
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Coyote is actually in hell
It’s true that the infamous ‘they were dead the whole time’ theory is incredibly lazy and is overused by pub-goers all over the world. Yet with the Road Runner/Coyote story it seems to be quite fitting to say the least. Wile E. Coyote, the poor thing, is trapped in a dessert with a life-long mission of catching a yummy bird that’s literally impossible to catch. He just never succeeds! And as his plans go horribly wrong, he gets burned, stabbed, sliced and electrocuted on a daily basis. If that’s not hell’s torture, then we don’t know what is!
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The Smurfs Are White Supremacists
The Smurfs’ society has been raising a lot of questions for more than a few decades now. Many have found parallels to communism and explored lots of socialist propaganda in the show’s episodes. Some even went so far as to speculate that the word Smurf stood for ‘Socialist Men under a Red Father’! If that’s not eerie enough for you, there are a few more ideas: Smurfs could also be Nazis or Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist faction. Proof of the latter was to be seen in the pointed white hats of blue-skinned gnomes and the tribalistic ways of their living.
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