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8 Weird Harry Potter Fan Theories That Might Be True


Fans like to get to the bottom of things when it comes to their beloved movies and TV shows. Harry Potter has been around for a long time and fans have kept themselves busy coming up with crazy theories and ideas about different events and plot twists. Think you know who Ron Weasely truly is? You’re up for a big surprise there! Even J. K. Rowling will be stunned to read some of these ideas. But are they true or false? Here are 8 Harry Potter fan theories that will make your head spin.



1. Ron Weasely and time-travelling
Some HP fans think that Ron actually knows how to time travel. And that he is Dumbledore himself! Fans got this freaky idea from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where Ron played Wizard’s Chess as both the king and the knight. These two can be compared to Ron and Dumbledore and the roles they play in a much bigger war of magic that’s about to come. A little bit far-fetched, but sounds quite reasonable if you think about it.



2. Horcruxes and cannibalism
JK Rowling never wrote exactly how Voldemort managed to do this freaky splitting thing with his soul and escaping death. One Reddit user had an idea that Voldemort devoured (aka simply ate) his victims. Cannibalism has always been associated with gaining strength since the early times in human history, so it would come as no surprise that Voldemort used this method. Plus, you can only create a horcrux via murder, so it kind of makes sense.

3. Rita Skeeter and JK Rowling
Harry Potter’s fans were bold enough to theorize that JK Rowling is actually Rita Skeeter who was banished from the magic world. She came to live with the Muggles and started writing to earn her living. If it were true, then Harry Potter is 100% real and we just haven’t paid enough attention to our surrounding. The magic world is waiting!



4. Harry Potter and immortality
The picture is pretty self-explanatory and it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? If Harry and Voldemort were the only ones who could kill one another, does it actually mean that there’s no one to kill Harry Potter now that Voldemort’s dead? Thus, leaving Harry to live a life of immortality. But he could still die of old age. Probably.

5. Draco and werewolves
Fans believe that Draco could very well turn out to be a werewolf as he exhibits all the ‘usual’ signs. He’s pretty ill-looking, pale, he missed an important Quidditch match with Gryffindor, and didn’t do his transfiguration assignment. Well, Fenrir Greyback was supposed to bite the kids of Death Eaters who weren’t loyal to Voldemort, so everything’s possible.



6. The Dursleys and the Horcrux’s effect
Horcruxes can turn even the warmest and brightest people into bitter ones after only a few hours of exposure. The Dursleys had not just a week or two of this influence, but years of it! Which kind of explains why they acted like heartless monsters in the end. The fact that they’ve stayed relatively human after so much horcrux influence is a miracle in itself. If we take all these facts into consideration, they are actually not bad people.

7. Arthur Weasely and the Imperius Curse
According to this theory, Voldemort has used the Imperius Curse on a number of wizards and had complete control over them. This would explain why Arthur Weasely didn’t make a career in the Ministry of Magic and some of the weird skeletons in the closet of the Weasely family. Maybe we just don’t have enough information about the man!



8. Muggles and war
Some internet users believe that Muggles have already won one war that happened between them and Wizards. How so? There’s an episode in the 4th book when the Minister of Magic needs to bring dangerous wizards into the UK and in order to do so he needs to get the permission from the Prime Minister. All in all it’s a weird rule that hints to some relationship between Muggles and Wizards prior to the events described in the Harry Potter books.