8 Most Hated Characters In The TV History


Unlike the 2-hour movies, TV shows have all the time in the world to develop their character. Some we love, others – we despise with a passion of a thousand burning suns. A well-written villain can take the show from mediocre to magnificent, but, people, quick PSA: do not harass the actors. Yes, they did play obnoxious characters that you just want to strangle every time they come on the screen, and they did it damn well, but the actors themselves aren’t like that.


Now, let’s take a look at 8 most hated characters in the TV history.



1. Andrea – The Walking Dead
When one of your leaders in the post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden world is a dumb blonde, it will make following that group’s adventures extremely hard. Everything bad that happened to them was because of Andrea. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who somehow started the whole zombie epidemic.



2. Nikki and Paolo – Lost
I have absolutely no idea why people would hate this couple. None at all. Maybe except for the fact that they’re backstabbing bastards! Thanks to the backlash on Twitter, which was a fairly new platform then, these two were killed off by the showrunners.

3. Iris West – The Flash
I don’t know about you but this girl is one of the cringiest characters I’ve ever seen on TV. “We are the Flash”? I mean who says that? And not forgiving Barry because he was in saving the world is like the most pathetic, and egotistic thing a girl can say. Screw that bee!

4. Felicity Smoak – The Arrow
Speaking of CW shows, there’s Arrow’s Felicity. Which I hate with an equal passion as Iris. And mostly for the same reasons. Plus the “I love you, I don’t love you, I love you again” bull-hockey. Make up your mind and let Oliver do his thing!



5. Wesley Crusher – Star Trek: Next Generation
Way before Will Wheaton became a YouTube star, and made a few dozen cameos on The Big Bang Theory, he was known hated as cadet Wesley Crusher form Star Trek. Boy, did people not like his character. He was always the last hope for Picard, even though he barely passed the academy test! Is he dumb or is he a genius? They couldn’t figure it out.

6. Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones
Mad props to Jack Gleeson for making millions of people hate this little prick. Of course, his character was also well written by George R. R. Martin long before the TV show, so that helped. Oh well… You know why we all hated him, and you know how it all ended, so let’s just move on.

7. Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother
How can the main character of a sitcom, that lasted for 10 seasons, be so… boring? He just kept whining about the girls who dumped him over and over, while also trying to get back with Robin, and screw the moral compass of his best friend Barney. After season 6-7 it’s was just too depressive to follow his story.

8. Ramsay Bolton – Game of Thrones
And our grand-finalist is, of course, the one and only Ramsay “The Nasty Bastard” Bolton. This dude has zero chill. You know you’re a bad boy when even in a brutal world like Westeros people are scared of you to death. He killed, tortured, and raped anyone and everyone who stood in his way. Until that faithful day he met Jon Snow. What a bloodbath that was.