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8 Most Beautiful Brazilian Actresses


Brazilian women are like the sun: bright, positive, and so dang hot. It’s especially evident when you look at the models, actresses, and other juicy celebs. These women have used their immense sexuality and became the standard of beauty for men around the world.

Here are the eight most beautiful Brazilian actresses.

1. Vivianne Pasmanter

Vivianne’s parents dreamed that their daughter would do ballet professionally, but the girl did not like that idea and instead wished to become an actress. And she did it. Now Pasmanter can, without exaggeration, be called one of the most famous actresses on Brazilian TV series such as “Nuovo Mundo” and “Alén, Luz de Luna.”

2. Christine Fernandes

Although Christine was born in Chicago, Illinois, the future actress returned to her parents’ historical homeland in Brazil at the age of three. She came to the film industry from the modeling business and almost immediately started to appear in soap operas like “Pages of Life,” “Lara,” and “The Favorite.”

3. Juliana Paes

At first glance, Juliana doesn’t seem like she’s from Brazil, and that’s because Arab, African and Indian blood flows in her veins. Paes first appeared on television when she turned 20, but the actress became really famous only after starring in the series titled “India: A Love Story.” Among her other big projects, you can find “Seven Women,” “The Clone,” and “The Favorite.”

4. Ana Paula Arosio

According to Ana Paula, talent scouts noticed her charming smile when she was still very young and offered her parents a great deal. Her father was initially against subjecting his daughter to fame and fortune since he did not believe that Ana Paula could become a big actress. But as we now know, he was fundamentally wrong. At the age of 12, young Ana Paula had her first casting. Since that day, she’s been shown on millions of TV screens in shows like “Terra Nostra” and “One Heart.”

5. Letícia Sabatella

Leticia Sabatella’s name has not left the pages of the Brazilian press for over 20 years. Even the president has repeatedly professed his love for Sabatella, with whom, by the way, the gorgeous actress still maintains friendly relations. You’ve seen her in everything from “The Conquest” to “Pages of Life” and “Orphans of a Nation.”

6. Ildi Silva

Ildi is also not entirely Brazilian. Her roods are deeply seated in Africa, Holland, and India. Her road to acting started purely on accident: an agent noticed a beautiful brunette on the street and invited her to a casting. Silva, who was already a model at that time, was unable to refuse. Thanks to this small turn of events, we got to see Ildi in soaps like “Tropical Paradise,” “Bela, a Feia,” and “Gabriela.”

7. Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna is another actress who spent her childhood surrounded by artistic people. Antonelli’s mother was a famous ballerina, her father – an opera singer, so Giovanni’s desire to be in front of an audience was quite understandable. The actress got her first role at the age of 14, and ever since then, Antonelli has been one of the best soap stars in Brazil, appearing in hundreds of episodes of “Tocaia Grande,” “The Clone,” “Shades of Sin,” and many more. 

8. Paloma Bernardi

Paloma wasn’t always the bright shining star she is today. At the beginning of her career, almost every director she went to, refused to give the young actress a chance because of the darn braces the soon-to-be-star had to wear for years. Her strict Catholic upbringing did not allow Paloma to do or say any crazy things in front of the camera, but after graduating, she was able to deal with all that nonsense, and job offers started falling in her lap one after another: “Seize the Day,” “Irrational Heart,” “Brave Woman,” and many others.