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8 Characters We Need to Return for Their Show’s Final Season


We all have a favorite TV show, right? In that show, there’s always our favorite character. Here’s a list of 8 TV show characters that we all want to come back for their show’s final season. There are more obvious choices like Fiona Gallagher from Shameless played by Emmy Rossum. But there are many more memorable characters, and the actors that portrayed them, that we would love to see just one more time. We will start this off with:

Daniel, Insecure

As the end came to the comical romantic tale of Issa Rae’s social and love life – Insecure – the hardcore fans continued to await season 4, expecting a return of Daniel. We all love Daniel for his appealing demeanor, stature and the steamy encounters he has with Issa on the show.

Rick and Michonne, The Walking Dead

This duo was a match made in heaven. Sparks fly remembering the first couple. There is talk about this show coming to a close, and this dynamic duo would be a great addition to the close of this memorable zombie-filled series.

Walter and Jesse, Better Call Saul

Speaking of dynamic duos, this pairing gives us all the vibes. We’d all love to see Jimmy come into contact with Walt or “Gene” and see Jesse in a black-and-white flash forward. Sadly, this show is filming its last episodes. This means we won’t be seeing any come backs anytime soon  — unfortunately, for all the hardcore fans out there.

Cat, Supergirl

Cat’s absence lasted over a few seasons. In that time a lot took place as the show unfolded. It would be nice to get a few more episodes with her silly comments and reactions, especially toward her assistant.

Christy (and the kids), Mom

Now we all accept that Violet does not have a great connection with Christy. Though it would be beneficial to get some more information about Roscoe, since his absence in season four. Still, it would be amazing to see Christy come back to visit Bonnie and show her relationship to her kids. Well, either way we still want to see Anna Faris back as Christy.

Original Mandy and Kristin, Last Man Standing 

The comedy series has taken one or two ideas as far as casting goes. During the nine-season run of the show it replaced three actors who played two of the notable characters. What better way to pay tribute than to have Molly Ephraim come back in the role of Mandy in the finale. But we can not forget about the original Kristin played by Alexandra Krosney who we all want to see reappear in the season finale.

Zlata, Claws

In this campy crime-filled dramatic series with its final episodes we would love to see this character come to life. Returning as one of the most profound villains the series has seen I know bringing this character back to the show would add several elements of juicy details and villainy goodies we all love to binge watch.

Smurf, Animal Kingdom

Last but certainly not least we have the beautiful Ellen Barkin playing Smurf on Animal Kingdom. It’s a tall order to see her return. This drama-filled show had many ups and downs, even making the pope relatable. Seems unlikely to get a return for this one. But we just might see Smurf return, who knows? Keep your fingers crossed until we get what we want! 
This list contains some of the greatest characters played on television series today — a shortlist of a few of our favorites we would like to see making another appearance. The list could go on for much longer but we touch on some of the more popular choices.