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8 Celebrities Who Fully Embraced a Sober Life


What do you do on a Friday/Saturday night? Probably shooting beers or cocktails, but there are people out there who’ve renounced alcohol from their lives. Even among the celebrities you will find that not everyone’s a fan of booze.


Here are 8 celebs who have fully embraced a sober life.



1. Naomi Campbell
Naomi gave up the booze after noticing how much happier she becomes when she’s sober. Can’t argue with that.



2. Rob Lowe
3 years ago Rob got the Spirit of Sobriety award for 25 years of being clean and, as the actor said it himself, it was all thanks to his wife’s support.

3. Natalie Portman
Apparently, Natalie Portman hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since her college days! That “last drop” must have been a hell of a party to go full 180 like that.

4. Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooperhas been sober for 5 years now without a hitch! He explains his choice by saying that if he had continued drinking, he’d be actually sabotaging his whole life.



5. Zac Efron
After a nasty rehab adventures in 2013, Zac gets sick even thinking of drinking.

6. Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter himself couldn’t resist the prospects of getting hammered and then some, but hey he was on the very top of the world during those last few years. Sudden fame and fortune can do crazy things to you. Thankfully, Daniel hardly even thinks about drinking now. If he can do it, you can too!

7. Robert Downey Jr.
10 years of nothing but sobriety for Mr. Tony Stark himself! We’re all proud of you, man, keep it up.

8. Christina Ricci
Christina, just like Bradley before, realized that if her drinking escapades don’t stop, she could lose a lot in this life. So ever since 2008, she’s been sober as a gopher.